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Product Brochure Welcome to the future of trawling LIVE Camera • DeepWater Camera • Colour Camera • LED Light Unit

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The TrawlCamera product group has been developed to fulfil both specific and general customer needs. To put it simply, the products offer an insight into the subsea activities around or inside the trawl, an insight which can save the Read more... user both time and money, as well as disclose valuable information about the trawl itself, the catch, or the lack thereof. Why TrawlCamera? Our cameras extend beyond the limitations of the sensors normally used in trawling. They offer proof of the subsea trawl activities, rather than indications and speculations. They give a solid foundation for...

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LIVE Camera The LIVE Camera, as the name indicates, transmits footage from the trawl, live and wirelessly, to a computer on the bridge. The transmission is received via two modem receivers attached to the hull of the ship, one on each side. The product enables real-time observation and facilitates real-time decision-making. The user has a live link to the actions in or around the trawl and can, for example, see if the desired catch is in the trawl, in the desired quantities. Several hours can be saved on a hauling cycle, saving fuel and making the trawl ready for the next cycle sooner....

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DeepWater Camera —for troubleshooting Attach to trawl Record black-white footage! The DeepWater Camera is a recording device, recording 16 to 48 hours of footage consecutively. The footage can be viewed once the haul is over and the camera is connected to a computer. The product enables observation and troubleshooting as often as between each haul. Both attaching and detaching the camera is easy. The DeepWater Camera allows the user to analyse the subsea trawl action. Problems can be spotted, and with recorded proof, corrected. The trawl might have some damage invisible to the eye whilst on...

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Colour Camera The Colour Camera is a quite specific product satisfying the needs of those who conduct research, or in other ways require a more detailed recording of the actions and species in the trawl and its surroundings. The unit is primarily used to record activities not concerning the trawl directly, but rather the species frequenting the trawl, the seabed, and the general subsea environment and activities. The Colour Camera can record 16 to 48 hours of footage consecutively and is easy to both attach and detach. Attach to trawl Record colour footage! The Colour Camera includes • • •...

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The LED Light Unit is a long-lasting, high quality, subsea light unit usually used together with one of our TrawlCameras. When used together with a camera, the built-in light in the camera is switched off, and the unit is placed a few metres from it, pointing in the same direction as the camera’s angle. The LED Light Unit provides three times stronger light than the integrated camera light, and certain reflections on the camera lens can be eliminated. This enables other types of recordings compared to solely using a camera unit. The LED Light Unit is easy to attach and detach. Attach to...

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References Take a closer look at what a few of our customers have to say about us and our products: Below is a selection of our customers, sorted by country of origin and name: Frank Vargas, American Seafoods Company Country Customer “As the government is demanding good evidence on our fishing gear in action, we have been using the TrawlCamera as a tool to help us reach our goal in the reduction of prohibited species in the Bering Sea, reducing bycatch, reducing discards and optimising sustainable fishing.” Bjarni Petersen, Arctic Viking “One of the main interests for our company is to have...

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The Company behind the products About the products About JT electric—the award-winning innovators The TrawlCamera product group has been developed for over a decade, in close cooperation with the end user. In 2017, JT electric, the company behind the TrawlCamera product group, celebrated 45 years in business. We are We have continually received feedback from our customers, enabling us to improve our products to better suit the ambitious, experienced and competent. We have customers in nearly 20 different countries and develop and produce customers’ needs and to become the high-end products...

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