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PEAK™ 18/32 OEM Smart Equipment Controllers


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PEAK™ 18/32 OEM Smart Equipment Controllers Advanced Controllers for OEM Applications • Standard sensor/actuator bus and device level Modbus master bus port for interconnection with smart end-devices. • Universal inputs, configurable outputs, and point expansion modules - allow multiple signal options to provide input/output flexibility. • BACnet Testing Laboratories™ (BTL) listing Rev 12 - ensures interoperability with other BTL-listed devices. BTL is a third-party agency which validates that BAS vendor products meet the BACnet industry-standard protocol. Innovation on board The PEAK™ Programmable and Configurable Controller family provides you with a comprehensive controls solution for a wide variety of HVAC/R equipment. These controllers are designed to provide direct, closed-loop control over mechanical and electrical HVAC/R equipment, either as standalone devices or as part of a larger, networked control system. You benefit from a rich set of embedded features, and you can obtain additional functionality simply by adding accessories. You can program and commission them with a powerful and flexible tool that enables you to quickly build and deploy a quality control solution ideal for your individual application. • Real-time switchable communications protocols from BACnet MS/TP, N2 or Modbus through the onboard local display or Mobile Access Portal gateway. ® Standard BACnet Protocol - provides interoperability with other Building Automation System (BAS) products that use the widely accepted BACnet standard. • Standard hardware and software platform - uses a common hardware design throughout the family line to support standardized wiring practices and installation workflows. Also uses a common software design to support use of a single tool for control applications, commissioning, and troubleshooting to minimize technical training. • 32-bit microprocessor ensures optimum performance and meets industry specifications. • BACnet Automatic Discovery support enables easy controller integration into any BACnet BAS system. • Real-time multi-language support of English, French, German and Spanish. • Onboard real-time clock and schedules with BACnet calendar support. • Patented proportional adaptive control (P-Adaptive) and Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control (PRAC) technologies reduce commissioning time, eliminate change-of-season recommissioning, and reduce wear and tear on mechanical devices. • Configurable parameters and preconfigured trends. Factory programmed and commissioned. Application will be locked down in the field. • Large product family provides a wide range of point mix to meet application requirements and allows for the addition of one or more IOMs and/or network sensors to provide even more I/O capacity. • Support for Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway or Stationary Mobile Access Portal for ease of configuration and remote service tool. • Onboard USB port for firmware upgrades and backup/restore o

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PEAK 18/32 Series Point Type Counts Per Model Point Types Building Automation Server/Engines MAP (Mobile Access Portal) Up to 100 devices. One segment of BACnet MSTP

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