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Smarter solutions for greater safety, and efficiency. DETECTION SOLUTIONS

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As you consider which fire and life safety solution to use for your facility, first look at the reputation behind it. Building owners around the globe trust the Simplex family of detection solutions to help protect their facilities – no matter how large and complex – because of their high degree of reliability, ease of use and REVOLUTIONARY ADDRESSABILITY. The complete range of Simplex detection products are ACCURATE AND RESPONSIVE and offer real and significant advantages to you – and to building occupants in the event of a fire or other emergen

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WAYS SIMPLEX DETECTION SOLUTIONS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS INDUSTRY-LEADING TECHNOLOGY The Simplex line of sensors and initiating devices offers performance and reliability. Quick detection of fire, smoke and heat events help protect your people, property and assets while mitigating any potential fire damage. And advanced technology lets you monitor and calibrate the performance of your system in accordance with changing environmental conditions. TRUE ADDRESSABILITY Many Simplex detection devices feature addressable technology, which allows them to function as intelligent configurable devices on...

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Manage easier and improve performance Advanced photo sensor features Reduce nuisance alarms, fine-tune sensitivity for optimum protection and receive multiple levels of warning that cleaning or replacement is needed. Multi-sensors Combines multiple types of sensors including smoke, heat, and photoelectric in a single device, providing greater assurance when alarm conditions are met. Simplex TrueAlarm technology By adding fire detection data to enhance sensor performance, this technology enables better evaluation of conditions and reduces nuisance alarms. audio and voice notification...

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with these detector features. Programmable day/night modes Each sensor can be programmed to update its operation mode. In addition, you can turn specific functions on and off at specific times, giving you the right protection at the right time. Peak value logging By providing historical data on how close each sensor has come to its alarm point, this feature lets you more accurately set your system for maximum sensitivity while reducing nuisance alarms. Data is logged and stored within the fire detection control panel. Device address in mounting base This feature lets you easily interchange...

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Choose from our complete line of detection devices and sensors. Easily design a system that addresses the unique characteristics and needs of your facility. Choose from: Heat and flame detectors Simplex heat sensors can be set to alarm according to the rise rate or at a fixed temperature. They can also be programmed by time of day to operate in different modes/ sensitivities. Flame detectors combine IR sensors with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to validate flame presence. Addressable duct sensors Detect smoke in HVAC ducts with these specialized sensors, which are available in...

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Multi-sensor devices Multiple types of sensors (e.g., smoke, heat and CO gas) are combined in a single device, which lets you protect against a broader range of fire types, reduce false alarms, and save on wiring and installation costs. Addressable aspirated smoke detectors These detectors can provide early warning of fire hazards by identifying precursor conditions, such as smoldering or overheated equipment – making them ideal for data centers. Pull stations and interface modules Conventional and addressable pull stations, including ADA-compliant models, allow for the manual initiation of...

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