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Advanced Controllers for OEM Applications


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Economizer Advanced Controllers for OEM Applications • Variety of mounting options for convenient installation. • Flexibility to select setpoints for outside and/or supply air temperature, and small and/or large space cooling demand using either a dry bulb, outside enthalpy, or differential enthalpy. • Simple thermostat control. • Simplified static pressure control utilizing variable frequency drive exhaust fan control. • A convenient USB interface that serves multiple purposes – history and trend data can be logged and upgrades to the local or a remote controller can be installed. • Innovative Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), with predictive failures, assist for lifecycle management of the equipment, service awareness, and energy costs. The smarter, simpler way to improve efficiency The PEAK™ Economizers turn your standalone rooftop systems into highly efficient, energy saving units. These sophisticated standalone controllers allow your customers to use fresh air for free cooling. Factory installing our pre-packaged controls platform with easy-to-read LCD display eliminates complicated set-up and configuration. The Mobile Access Portal (MAP) is an accessory that allows commissioning, configuring and maintenance from anywhere using a smart mobile device. Sophisticated technology that’s easy to install The PEAK Economizer combines advanced technology and comfort features. You can take advantage of a flexible approach to performance. And customers get seamless communications and lower lifecycle costs. • An advanced operating mode for greater control of capabilities, such as load shed for energy savings and demand controlled ventilation. • Basic and advanced models. The basic model provides an economical solution when standard temperature and IAQ control of the outdoor air damper is required. The advanced model provides advanced control strategies, such as minimum outdoor air flow and building static pressure controls. • Compliance with Title 24 regulations to display faults on economizer applications as mandated by the California Energy Code. • Self-tunning PRAC control loops. A patented Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control algorithm tunes PI feedback loops. For both basic and advanced models. • The advanced model utilizes the Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway to provide a user-friendly experience through any WI-FI enabled smart device for local access or an Ethernet-enabled

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