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Replacement spreader brackets

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Sometimes things are outdated. In this case were thinking about old spreader brackets in cast aluminium, which in the name "packet solution". stainless steel with relief-plates, screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets. In most cases the old spreaders can also deliver these. mounted according to the guide below ... after that is just a mat- JOHN MAST same side of the mast. proximately same height as shown on photo 1. The front edge of the spreaders should now align with each other. © Mark the rear edge of the new spreader bracket with a O Measure the distance from the mast groove to the pencil mark you just made. Make a similar mark on the other side of the mast with the same measure. brackets. Mount the new thru going bolt and relief-plates. Mount the nuts and tap the bolt at the end to ensure the nuts stay © Fasten the relief-plates using the rivets and "fill" the old holes using rivets. brackets just above the old ones. Align the brackets aft edge with the pencil markings. Remember to isolate the mast profile from the bracket using Sika flex 221.

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