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Marine Applications Diesel Engines Because on the water, reliability is everything

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Marine Applications No barriers Captain Miquel Rota makes the dream of scuba diving accessible for those with physical disabilities. His wheelchair-accessible catamaran is powered by two John Deere engines and supported by a local fleet of marine professionals. Read more about why M. Rota Diving runs with John Deere power at Dan Kirsch and Sandy Williamson are living their dream onboard their custom-built 61-foot liveaboard yacht, Sandana. Their choice of twin John Deere marine engines gives them added confidence as they travel the open waters. Discover why Sandy and Dan...

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Non-emissions regulated Emissions regulated Marine Nothing Runs Like A Deere™ John Deere PowerTech™ engines are as powerful and dependable in the water as they are on the land. Our marine propulsion, generator, and auxiliary engines share the same reputation for performance and reliability that their agricultural and industrial counterparts have enjoyed for decades. They are built for long life, reliable performance, fuel efficiency, quiet operation, ease of access to major parts, and simplified integration. But don't just take our word for it. Find out why John Deere is the powerful and...

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Marine Applications Marine propulsion M and H ratings Ratings are based on the ISO 8665/SAE J1225 standard power rating and the ISO 3046/SAE J1995 crankshaft power rating. The M and H rating definitions are provided as a guide to help in the selection of the engine that best fits the application requirements. It is recommended to consult a John Deere marine dealer or engine distributor to verify the optimal rating for the specific application. Possible applications: Line haul tugs and towboats, fish and shrimp trawlers/draggers, and displacement hull fishing boats. Possible applications:...

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Propelled performance John Deere engines give you an effective blend of pure power and rugged durability. From 60 to 559 kW (80 to 750 hp), our complete, high-horsepower lineup offers the right engines for your needs. The result? John Deere engines build power faster for cruising at higher speeds with lower rpm. Boost your vessel's performance in wind, swells, tides, or currents with reliable power that's ready when you are. EX = MARPOL Annex VI exempt *Also meets EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations. Specifications are subject to change. See your John Deere marine dealer or engine...

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Power that never lets you down John Deere is a trusted provider of generator drive engines worldwide. For reliable power from 40 to 416 kW (54 to 558 hp), John Deere generator drive and constant-speed auxiliary engines deliver quiet operation and low vibration. The water-cooled exhaust manifolds provide cool, quiet performance. And all 4-cylinder models have internal balance shafts to reduce vibration. Marine generator drive engine ratings The marine generator engine rating is the power available under normal varying electrical load factors* for an unlimited number of hours per year in...

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We've got you covered John Deere provides a full line of reliable and fuel-efficient variable-speed auxiliary engines to help you meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Marine Tier 3 emissions regulations* and marine classification societies. See your John Deere marine dealer or engine distributor for *Not available in all countries. complete specifications. Log on to to find the service dealer nearest you. Specifications are subject to change. John Deere PowerTech™ radiator-cooled, dry-exhaust manifold engines (TF and HF models) are engineered to run vessel...

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Marine Applications Parts and accessories Maintenance parts When you choose John Deere, you get the support of one of the strongest engine and equipment companies in the world. Our global support network has been established to help you complete your journey or your workday in comfort and confidence. With our industryexclusive selection of maintenance parts (from water pumps to fuel conditioners) we have everything you need to keep your engine up and running. Easy to maintain –– Internal coolant passages to eliminate hoses and fittings –– Dipstick and oil fill on either side –– Poly-vee...

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Reliable accessories John Deere engine accessories match up perfectly with the performance and reliability of John Deere marine engines. Every John Deere accessory is specially designed to provide easy installation and seamless operation. This complete approach to marine power is why more and more vessels are running with John Deere. Electronics, instrumentation, and control kits John Deere electronic kits are engineered to work in harsh marine environments. Instrumentation is easy to read so you always know what is happening with your engine. Harnesses are designed with weatherproof...

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Marine Applications A lifetime of support You can rely on us Warranty support when you need it With installation assistance, standard and extended warranties, and an extensive worldwide parts and service network, John Deere provides ongoing support for the life of your engine. Every John Deere marine engine comes with a solid 2-year/2,000-hour standard warranty. Register your engine and enable your John Deere dealer to respond should you need a warrantable repair.* Registering your engine gives us the information needed to stock the right service parts, maintenance products, and servicing...

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I NEED THE RIGHT PARTS. AT THE RIGHT PRICE. RIGHT NOW. Whether you've got a brand new John Deere engine, one that's been working for years, or a mixed fleet — John Deere is ready to keep you up and running. You can rely on us for your choice of genuine John Deere parts, remanufactured components, and all-makes products. Find your closest John Deere engine distributor or dealer at Ask them about the parts you need, or visit Worldwide locations North America, South America, and Caribbean John Deere Power Systems 3801 West Ridgeway Avenue P.O....

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