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Upgrade to Jets 250NT low-res brochure

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Sanitary Systems – made to please

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Vacuumarator pump – well-proven Jets technology TM Inlet Vacuum side Outlet Pressure side Quality materials All materials are rated for professional sanitation. The metals used are corrosion resistant The Vacuumarator™ pump has a proven record for low maintenance The integrated macerator is made of high quality materials 2 The helical screw principle uses liquid to create the seal, minimizing mechanical wear Few moving parts. Robust and reliable

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Unique Vacuumarator™ pump The patented Vacuumarator™ pumps are the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generators available for vacuum toilet systems. This is the original Vacuumarator™ pump by Jets™. Invented 25 years ago - continuously refined ever since. Through decades of Jets™ development, our Vacuumarator™ pump technology has evolved into today’s amazingly compact range of in-line vacuum generator products. Even the first generation of Vacuumarator™ pumps, launched in 1986, was far superior to any of the competing vacuum technologies. Today, thanks to continued research and...

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In a league of its own Large in capacity yet compact in size, a single 250NT pump can handle 2,500 flushes per hour. This is nearly four times the capacity of our 65MBA, which has been the most common pump on board cruise vessels so far. Green control • frequency controlled motor operation • constant vacuum level in piping • minimal start/stop runs • reduced component wear • 50% less power use than ejector units No foaming Vacuumarator™ pumps eliminate ejector foaming problems - and the need for chemicals to combat foaming. The unmatched capabilities of the brand new Jets™ 250NT mark a new...

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Global service 24/7 Proven technology Highly reliable operation Increases passenger satisfaction Saves space and weight Easy in-line installation Easy to maintain Easy access to spare parts Lower carbon footprint Short payback period Unique expertise in upgrades and retrofits Our skilled teams offer in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise for upgrades to Jets™. We will assist in finding the most economical and practical solutions for any vessel. It is easy for the crew to carry out a Jets™ retrofit during normal operation. Jets™ has been selected for more than 7,500 newbuildings and...

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Why complicate when ther Two competitor units are needed to replace one ejector unit Pumps Pump design Reduced capacity over time due to worn impellers in vacuum pump Filters required for operation Isolation valve Automatic isolation valves required to prevent back flow from vacuum pumps Geared motors with gear oil on both vacuum pumps and sewage pumps Needs supply of 6-8 bar pneumatic air Condensate removal Automatic system with motor operated valves for removal of condensate Level switches Level switches for start/stop of sewage transfer pump and vacuum pump protection Clogging of air...

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e is a simple Jets solution? TM JETS™ 250NT VACUUMARATOR™ UNIT Jets™ retrofit solution: still superior! 1 single Vacuumarator™ pump Vacuumarator™ pump designed for sewage Simple control system: 1 single pressure transmitter Vacuumarator™ pumps only need ventilation at end of discharge pipe Vacuumarator™ pumps maintain capacity throughout their service life S PAC E S AVI N G S Y S T E M D E S I G N Vacuumarator™ pumps eliminate the need for ejectors and collecting tanks. Old ejector system Jets™ bypass retrofit No gears, thanks to the unique single-shaft monoblock Vacuumarator™ pump design....

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Photo: Jets, Tony Hall • Margaret Forbes Worldwide representation means efficient logistics Spare parts can usually be delivered anywhere in the world within 48 hours A global support network of highly trained Jets™ representatives is at your service Jets™, SoftSound™ and Vacuumarator™ are trademarks of JETS AS. Parts of the JETS™ sanitary systems (including, but not limited to, VACUUMARATOR™ pump technology) are patent protected by JETS AS © 2009 Copyright, Jets AS

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