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Jets™ vacuum systems are the smart choice for supermarkets, offering an efficient, cost-effective and flexible way to remove condensate water. By using Jets™ vacuum technology condensate water is transported vertically to the ceiling, eliminating the need for floor work. When the time comes to remodel there will be no need for covering goods, time consuming concrete work or traditional plumbing. The vacuum system also allows you to continuously monitor its components. Jets™ profits your business through reduced future costs with the added bonus of less downtime. VACUUMARATOR™ PUMP BY JETS'

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THE PRINCIPLE OF A JETS™ VACUUM SYSTEM: 1 ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT Continuous automatic monitoring and control of the pump, valves and interceptor tanks is available. This keeps the system functioning smoothly, and features alarm signals for easier troubleshooting, service and maintenance. LIFT CONDENSATE WATER VERTICALLY TO THE CEILING VACUUMARATOR™ PUMP BY JETS™ The Vacuumarator™ pump is the heart of our system, and supports multiple interceptor tanks. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy. INTERCEPTOR TANKS Jets™ interceptor tanks are installed underneath freezers...

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UNIQUE FLEXIBILITY The system is easy to expand if more refrigerators or freezers are to be installed. WHY CHOOSE JETS™ VACUUM SYSTEMS TO REMOVE CONDENSATE WATER? With electrical valves and controllers, the system also gives you reliable operation and easy monitoring. Jets™ vacuum systems are able to handle long transport distances without problems, even if the pipes are installed horizontally. You can place your freezers where they fit best, independent of floor drains and pipes. Condensate water is lifted up and transported through pipes in the ceiling. The unique Vacuumarator™ pump is...

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SHORT DOWNTIME AND GREAT FLEXIBILITY NO NEED FOR FLOOR DRAINS Jets™ systems allow you to re-think condensate water transport entirely. NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE REBUILDS Jets™ systems allow you to keep the building fabric intact – including the floors. NO NOISE, DUST AND COVERING OF GOODS CLOSED FOR REMODELING Closing your store for several days because of remodeling can have a huge effect on your total income. It may also affect customers’ shopping patterns by having them choose other supermarkets. Fortunately, there is no reason to stay closed for long, even if you are moving freezers and...

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FOR TOILETS AND WASH BASINS THE HEART OF OUR SYSTEM Jets™ vacuum systems are not limited to transport of condensate water. We offer vacuum solutions for wash basins, bottle recycling machine drains and vacuum toilets. Our water saving toilets for wall or floor installation can be placed in locations where traditional toilets are difficult to install. We have extensive experience with all of the above, and can provide system design assistance. Contact us for more information or help for your project. Vacuumarator™ pump 3 Electronic control unit ^ Interceptor tank/greywater tank Vacuum...

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Codkj. /Appro- THE HIGHEST STANDARDS All Jets™ products and systems are manufactured to the highest industrial standards, with each and every component carefully assembled and thoroughly tested. Jets™ has three decades of experience in vacuum sanitary systems, and has grown to be a worldwide organisation. Product development, production, testing, logistics and service are carried out by a handpicked network of internal and external resources, keeping our customers worldwide satisfied by delivering quality on time - every time. It is imperative to us that our customers are satisfied with the...

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CUSTOMER STATEMENTS JARI PIHLAJAMAA Building Services Manager, KESKO GROCERY TRADE We have chosen Jets™ to remove condensate water from the cooling cabinets. Upgrading to Jets™ means we save money because of easier assembly work and easier modifications when time comes to remodel the store. Jets™ gives us the flexibility we need to remodel the store whenever we like - at practically no cost at all... ...Instead of costly renovations with concrete and tile work every few years. SVEIN ARILD ENDAL STEIN LARSEN Store Developer, ASKO Technical Manager, HOLTEFJELL Vacuum systems from Jets™ enable...

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FROM IDEA TO SUCCESS Jets™ was founded in 1986 in the unique maritime community on the west coast of Norway, where passion, excellent craftsmanship and the commitment to always do better are centuries-long traditions. Jets™ is today a market leader. The Vacuumarator™ pump invented by Jets™ revolutionised the industry, and is now the heart of our globally preferred vacuum sanitary system. We have constantly refined our ideas into solutions that provide practical, reliable and environmentally friendly benefits for the customer, and will always continue to do so. JETS Sanitary Systems - Made...

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