comotive™a02 Biological filter for grey water - 4 Pages

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comotive™a02 Biological filter for grey water

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Ecomotive™ a02 Biological filter for grey water - source separation from Jets™

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ECOMOTIVE A02: BIOLOGICAL FILTER FOR GREY WATER FOR HOUSES AND CABINS THAT MEETS ALL PURIFICATION REQuIREMENTs. compact, sIMpLE, safe and forward-looking. Technical data • Height 1,445 mm • Diameter 1,820 mm • Weight 490 kg • Inlet 110 mm • Outlet 110 mm • Electrical connection 230V 10A • Heater cable • Powerful pump for stable operation • Nozzles with swivel for optimum dispersion • Alarm (9V) (additional accessory) Capacity • Nominal capacity 600 l/d • Maximum capacity 900 l/d Delivered ready assembled - easy to install The Ecomotive™ A02 grey water purification system is supplied ready...

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SOURCE SEPARATION with JETS™ is simple! Combine purification of grey water in the Ecomotive™ A02 with collection of toilet waste from a vacuum toilet in a sealed tank, and get the safest and most environmentally-friendly wastewater solution on the market today. Jets™ has solutions for both cabins and houses. Distribution of nutritive substances and infective agents Almost 90% of the total discharge of sanitary wastewater from houses and cabins is grey water, i.e. toilet waste represents only around 10%*! On the other hand, the majority of contamination and infective agents is found in black...

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Black water 10% of volume* 90% of contamination grey water 90% of volume* % of contamination proportion of total contamination: phosphor (tot-p): 85% nitrogen (tot-N): 75 % organic matter (BoF5): 50 % E-coli: 99.9% proportion of total contamination: phosphor (tot-p): 15 % nitrogen (tot-N): 25 % organic matter (BoF5): 50 % E-coli: 0.1% Total purification with Most stringent purification Jets™ Source separation    requirements in Norway Total discharge from source separation: Tot-p: 5% Tot-N: 20% BOF5: 4% E-coli: 0.01% TSS: 6% *when using a Jets™ vacuum toilet STS JETS™ and VACUUMARATOR™ are...

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