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THINK SMART – SAVE MORE Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems are the smart choice if you want to save water, money and the environment. Our sanitary systems are environmentally friendly and easily adaptable, both when constructing new buildings and when renovating existing ones. Should you need to install additional toilet facilities later on, our systems are also easy to expand. And since Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems are easier to install than traditional toilets, you save on installation costs as well. Jets™ offers high quality, modern design and durable solutions. It is now simpler than ever...

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THE HEART OF OUR SYSTEM The unique Vacuumarator™ pump is the heart of any Jets™ system. It creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges – in one single-pass operation. The Vacuumarator™ pump is the most compact and reliable vacuum generator available for sanitary systems. It is highly efficient in transporting any combination of black and grey water under vacuum. The first Vacuumarator™ pump, invented and made by Jets™ in 1989, was a revolutionary sanitary solution. Since then we have continuously developed and refined our technology, and expanded the capacity range. Renowned for their...

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SANITARY SOLUTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE 90% LESS WATER JETS™ MAKES IT EASIER TO CHOOSE GREEN Installing a Jets™ vacuum sanitary system is an environmentally sound choice - not just for today, but for the future. With watersaving qualities that are widely recognized in international rating and certification systems, Jets™ is the natural choice for green buildings. Vacuum toilets use air to transport sewage, reducing water consumption by up to 90%. This is fantastic news for both the environment and for your running costs. READ MORE ON PAGES 8-9 90% LESS SEWAGE Due to the fact that Jets™...

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Wasting expensive fresh water means flushing cash down the drain! VACUUM TOILETS 1 LITRE per flush EXAMPLE: 1 litre per flush 6 flushes/day per person 5,000 people 365 days per year 10,950,000 litres per year REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION BY UPTO 90% Fresh water is a limited resource - far too valuable to be wasted by flushing it down the toilet. A traditional water-flushing toilet uses 6 to 8 litres of water per flush, and depends on gravity to function properly. Since Jets™ vacuum toilets use air instead of water to transport toilet waste, they use a mere one litre of water per flush - nor do...

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GREY WATER BLACK WATER We are already familiar with source separation Separating waste such as paper, plastic, glass and organic waste in different bins in order to protect the environment, has fortunately become second nature to many of us. But did you know that waste water can also be separated in a similar fashion, saving precious resources in buildings around the world? BE AHEAD OF THE FUTURE – SEPARATE WASTE WATER NOW In most buildings, waste water from washbasins, showers, kitchen sinks and toilets has traditionally all been mixed in a single soil pipe. But in the same way as we...

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SMARTER AND MORE COST-EFFECTIVE RENOVATION One of the biggest challenges in any building renovation project is finding the optimal solution for sanitation. Jets™ offers both the solutions and the expertise needed to help you get the job done - efficiently and at a lower cost. Jets™ sanitary systems provide a wealth of possibilities in both new buildings and modernisation projects. Building renovation in particular is greatly simplified with our systems, because the need for expensive core drilling is reduced and large diameter pipes are unnecessary when using vacuum. Jets™ vacuum sanitary...

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A SMARTER SANITARY SYSTEM 95 dB Equivalent to a hairdryer or an airplane toilet. A SOUND EVOLUTION Since we launched our first vacuum toilet 30 years ago, we have succeeded in making them dramatically quieter. Vacuum toilets have a number of advantages over traditional water-flushing toilets, as they use air instead of water to transport sewage. The airflow vents away toilet odours, and improves hygiene by preventing pathogenic aerosols from spreading. The plumbing is also more flexible, as you no longer have to depend on gravity for the toilets to work properly. The vacuum system can lift...

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BEHIND A SUCCESSFUL MATCH spectators catered for by Jets™ at the Arena Castelão – A PROVEN SANITARY SYSTEM in Fortaleza, Brazil during the 2014 World Cup When tens of thousands of football fans need to use the conveniences at half-time, your water and sewage capacity has to be phenomenally good. The world’s largest integrated vacuum sanitary system can be found at the Arena Castelão stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil. Sanitation is often a challenge in fast-growing urban areas, with infrastructure for both clean water and sewage frequently overloaded. A stadium adds considerably to this burden....

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EFFICIENTLY ACCOMMODATING LARGE NUMBERS The reliability and durability of our well-proven vacuum systems are two of the many reasons why water-saving Jets™ solutions have been chosen for green buildings of all sizes, all over the world. Jets™ continues to develop and deliver elegant and effective sanitary solutions for hotels, hospitals, airports, schools and office buildings, to name a few. Our vacuum sanitary systems are the perfect choice for locations where large numbers of people gather, with rugged vacuum generators capable of operating a virtually unlimited number of toilets. The...

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ELEGANT IN ITS SIMPLICITY In close cooperation with award-winning designers, all Jets™ toilets and other interfaces have been developed specifically for use in our vacuum systems. While our toilets and urinals are generally made of high-quality sanitary porcelain, stainless steel models are also available. We supply both wall and floor-mounted toilets to accommodate a wide range of installation requirements. One of our most recent models, Pearl, is easier and quicker to clean than virtually any other toilet. This unique, highly hygienic, award-winning toilet model comes with several...

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