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Sun Odyssey - 2

O ver 50 years of solid construction ‘‘savoir-faire’’. • Un savoir-faire et une maîtrise de construction de plus de 50 ans. • Über 50 Jahre Erfahrung und Know-how im Bootsbau. • Nuestros conocimientos, competencia y control de construcción de más de 50 años. • Un «savoir-faire» e una maestria nella costruzione da più di 50 anni. 2 Up to 2 year warranty. • Jusqu’à 2 ans de garantie. • is zu 2 Jahre Garantie. B • asta 2 años de garantía. H • Fino a 2 anni di garanzia. ISO 14001 and 9001 Certified boats. • es bateaux certifiés avec les normes D ISO 14001 et 9001. • ertifizierung der Boote nach...

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Sun Odyssey - 3

A large shipyard your guarantee to happiness on the water ! Un grand chantier : la garantie de votre bonheur sur l’eau ! Eine große Werft, die Skipper glücklich macht ! Un gran astillero: ¡la garantía de su felicidad sobre el agua ! Un grande cantiere : la garanzia della vostra soddisfazione in mare ! Commitment to sustainable development. • a conviction du développement durable. L • ngagement für nachhaltiges Wachstum. E • a convicción del desarrollo sostenible. L • La convinzione di uno sviluppo durevole. Technology in service of excellence. • La technologie au service de l’excellence. •...

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Sun Odyssey - 5

A distinctive brand Henri Jeanneau’s passion and commitment to quality boat building began in 1957. From the first artisan-crafted runabout to today’s precision-manufactured sail and power boats, that passion and commitment is now shared by our 2500 employees and our network of over 300 distributors world-wide. Our customers help drive the innovation and quality that are the hallmarks of Jeanneau. As experienced sailors, their input enables our design and production teams to quickly implement new ideas and enhance proven ones. The result, as you’ll see, is a way of creating boats of...

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Sun Odyssey - 7

The Timelessness of Beauty Quality Satisfaction Our total quality control system tracks a product through the entire production process and beyond. From laboratory tests of each batch of resin to tank testing to customer satisfaction questionnaires and frequent supplier reviews, we continually seek ways to improve our boats. At Jeanneau, we know that delivering excellent boats is only the beginning; excellent customer service must follow. When you purchase a Jeanneau you become part of our family. The Timelessness of Beauty The Enjoyment of Beauty Dependability Quality starts with the best...

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Sun Odyssey - 8

Sails for every sailor Atjeanneau our boats are first and foremost, sailing boats. Modern sail plans and high-aspect rigs set us apart. Conditions vary from ocean to ocean. For this reason, we have designed a complete set of sail choices for your Jeanneau. Des voiles pour tous les marins. Un Jeanneau est avant tout un voilier. II se demarque par un plan de voilure moderne a fort allongement. Les conditions varient selon les plans d'eau, les oceans. C'est pourquoi nous avons selectionne un large choix de voiles pour votre Jeanneau. Segel fur alle Anspruche. Eine Jeanneau zeichnet sich vor...

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Sun Odyssey - 9

Additional Sail Options / Voiles Optionnelles / Segel in Option / Velas opcionales / Vele opzionali Large overlapping genoa Advantages : • aximum sail area for the perforM mance sailor • Powerful sail plan in light winds • Ideal for passage making Génois à fort recouvrement Avantages : • n maximum de surface de voile U pour la performance • ne géométrie idéale pour le grand U large • n plan de voilure puissant dans le U petit temps Self-tacking jib Advantages : • Hands-free tacking • Great upwind performance • Perfect for short-handed cruising Foc auto-vireur Avantages : • es virements de...

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Sun Odyssey - 10

Now, docking is child’s play ! Les manoeuvres de port deviennent un jeu d’enfant ! Die Manöver im Hafen werden zum Kinderspiel Las maniobras de puerto se convierten en un juego de niños Le manovre in porto diventano un gioco da bambini The Jeanneau sailboat models are perfect for cruising the open waters with family and friends. But whether at home or abroad, manoeuvring at port is often difficult exacting. This is why jeanneau, together with the ZF Group, has developed an entirely new system, called 360 Docking. Les voiliers Jeanneau sont formidables pour parcourir les océans en famille ou...

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Sun Odyssey - 11

No matter its size or weight, the boat will obey your every command. Quel que soit sa taille et son poids, le bateau vous obéit au doigt et à l’œil. Und ganz gleich welche Größe oder Gewicht das Boot hat, es folgt jedem Ihrer Order. Sea cual sea su tamaño y peso, el barco le obedece al milímetro. Qualunque sia la sua dimensione ed il suo peso, la barca risponde immediatamente. This revolution technology is only available from Jeanneau. The 360 Docking system has been developed in several different sizes in order to adapt it to sailboats from 40 to 57’ Cette technologie révolutionnaire est...

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Sun Odyssey - 13

3 / 9 Sails for every sailor

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Sun Odyssey - 14

Enjoy our video Scan the QR code with your smartphone and discover the Sun Odyssey 33i video. 52 What is most impressive about the Sun Odyssey 33i is her exceptional liveability and her performance at sea. Serene, you will sit comfor tably in the spacious cockpit and enjoy her intuitive handling, her light, reactive wheel steering, and having all sail handling functions within easy reach. Aboard this beautiful sailboat, you will rediscover the pleasure of sailing. Le plus impressionnant sur le Sun Odyssey 33i, c’est son exceptionnelle habitabilité et ses performances en mer. L’esprit...

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Sun Odyssey - 15

Sun Odyssey 33i Pe r f o r m a n c e & Swing Keel Besonders eindrucksvoll: das Wohnraumangebot und die Segelleistungen der Sun Odyssey 33i, deren Geschicke Sie bequem im Cockpit sitzend intuitiv und ganz entspannt mit Hilfe des leichtgängigen Ruders und der stets in greifbarer Nähe befindlichen Bedienelemente lenken. Wenn das keine schönen Aussichten sind! Lo más impresionante a bordo del Sun Odyssey 33i, es su excepcional habitabilidad y sus rendimientos marítimos. Usted se instala confortablemente en la gran bañera para maniobrar de manera intuitiva, con la mente tranquila. Sus reacciones...

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