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Sun Fast 2019 - 2

Sun Fast, performance and technology by Jeanneau On the water, speed and exhilarating sensations are guaranteed, without compromising dependability, ease of handling and safety at sea. These sailboats will impress you with their seaworthy qualities, stability and robust structure. For sailors of all experience levels, the Sun Fast line will prove invigorating and resolutely fun, with the disconcerting ability to effortlessly make the speedometer spin… Sur l’eau, la vitesse et les sensations sont toujours au rendez-vous, sans compromis sur la fiabilité, la simplicité d’utilisation et la...

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Sun Fast 2019 - 3

Fast, Fast, Fast, Fast, la performance et la technologie signées Jeanneau Leistung und Technologie von Jeanneau el rendimiento y la tecnología según Jeanneau la performance e la tecnologia firmata Jeanneau The Sun Fast benefit from the latest advances in construction by infusion moulding, insuring greater resistance and exceptional rigidity, all while considerably reducing weight. With a reduced, very consistent build weight from one boat to another, these two models have received high praise from top authorities in offshore sailing and racing (ISO 12215 Echantillonnage, World Sailing...

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Sun Fast 2019 - 5

The lightweight, powerful hull with its hard chine, twin rudders and lead keel contributes to this Sun Fast’s speed, balance and stability on all tacks. Available with twin, composite tillers or wheel steering and choices in mainsheet management, the deck layout ensures easy handling through well thought-out ergonomics and optimised sailing functions, perfectly adapted to solo, doublehanded, and crewed regattas. Grâce à sa coque à bouchain puissante et légère, ses doubles safrans et sa quille en plomb, ce Sun Fast saura conjuguer vitesse et stabilité de route à toutes les allures. En...

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Sun Fast 2019 - 7

General specifications Caractéristiques techniques Technische daten Características generales Caratteristiche tecniche

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Sun Fast 2019 - 10

® A version even more efficient: 1st and 2nd of Spi Ouest France 2016 Une version encore plus performante ! - 1er et 2eme du Spi Ouest France 2016 Eine noch effizientere Version - 1. und 2. Platz bei Spi Ouest France 2016 Una version aun mas eficiente - Primero y segundo en el Spi Ouest France 2016 Una versione ancora piu performante - Primo e secondo classificato allo Spi Ouest France 2016 Options details / detail des options / Optionen / Zubehor / detalles de las opciones / detagli delle opzioni

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Sun Fast 2019 - 11

General specifications Caractéristiques techniques Technische daten Características generales Caratteristiche tecniche

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Sun Fast 2019 - 12

Sun Odyssey, Jeanneau Yacht, Sun Fast… il y a forcément un Jeanneau qui vous ressemble ! A découvrir sur ou chez votre concessionnaire Jeanneau. Sun Odyssey, Jeanneau Yacht, Sun Fast… with so many models to choose from, there is sure to be a Jeanneau with your name on it! Discover all these and more at, or at your local Jeanneau Dealership. Jeanneau Yacht Luxury and ocean sailing Luxe et grande croisière. Sun Fast Race short-handed or with crew. Course en solitaire comme en équipage. Up to 7 year warranty.* - usqu’à 7 ans de garantie. J - is zu 7 Jahre...

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