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start torques (full torque and pressure across the total speed range). shafts accept axial and radial loads directly. performance motors operate down to 1 rpm without cogging and up to a units designed for very arduous applications with the potential of high shocks (up to 6.3 'G' force) such a centrifuges, marine applications. Zone 21 (dust) and underground use to 'M2' level (mining). Therefore applications are not only offshore but also chemical plants, machine manufacturers etc. Explosion protected Axial Piston Motors according to ATEX Directive 94/9

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www.j bj .co. u k/hydrau I ic-motors. html low speed, high torque (LSHT) These hydraulic motors have a high starting torque, ideal for instance, for safe operation of the heavy gates on the material lock in a nuclear power plant or to hand over the weighty coils in a rolling mill. Due to the low amount of revolving mass, the rotational direction can be quickly changed, a feature very important in many test benches; when performing vibration tests on motorcycle forks or when testing the adjustment of wing flaps on aircraft. The components can perform up to 50 rotational direction changes...

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Axial Piston Motors AE3 to AE180 series axial piston motors introduction AE3 to AE180 series fixed geometric displacements AE3 to AE45 series product code AE3 to AE45 series functional description AE3 to AE5 series specifications & dimensions AE3 series characteristics graphs AE4 series characteristics graphs AE5 series characteristics graphs AE10 to AE21 series specifications & dimensions AE10 series characteristics graphs AE16 series characteristics graphs AE21 series characteristics graphs AE22 to AE45 series specifications & dimensions AE22 series characteristics graphs AE32 series...

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Axial Piston Motors AE3 - AE180 SERIES PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik Performance • Wide speed range (3 - 5250 rpm ). • High starting torque (full torque is available across the whole speed range from zero high to max. speed). • Strong drive shaft capable of withstanding radial and axial loads.. Efficient and cost saving • Overall efficiencies up to 94%. • Low maintenance costs due to the robust design. • Energy recovery and energy storage. Further advantages of hydraulic drive concepts • Using one central provider for various drive operations. • Motor internal leakage provides constant cooling of...

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Axial Piston Motors AE3 - AE180 SERIES PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik Rotatory hydraulic drive units The hydraulic motor series AEZ71 - 125 range achieves balancing classes up to G 6.3 according to ISO 1940 part 1, due to its a specific design and precision manufacturing. This makes the AEZ motors ideal for use in rotary systems, such as centrifuges. The proven advantages of this hydraulic drive, reliability, precision and reversibility, assure cost effective operation. Axial piston motors rotational systems jbj Techniques develop special customer solutions for radial piston motors in combination...

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 - AE180 Series Axial Piston Motors PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik Fixed Displacement Motor (fixed geometric displacement) Axial Piston Motor Type AE * Speed less then 1 rpm can be achieved by using an electro hydraulic servo valve. pcont limitation by p^nt pmax limitation by pintermit. and pmax 10% power-on time with regards to one hour operating time. ppeak highest pressure at which the components will remain functional. pcont Continuous power (at 10 bar back line pressure); if pcont will be over extended for a long time, it is recommended to flush the engine by using...

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 - AE45 Series Product Code PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik nD Product code: AE Class Key:^ = available; o = on request; - = not available

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 - AE45 Series Axial Piston Motors Functional description All mentioned hydraulic motors in this catalogue are designed with a fixed displacement and work according to the wobble plate principle. The purpose of a hydraulic drive is to transfer hydraulic power in to mechanical power. Hydraulic power is created by the hydraulic volume flow as well as the pressure difference which is pending between the motors inlet and outlet. The mechanical power results from the speed, torque and efficiency of the motor which can be directly applied from the drive shaft. The required...

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 - AE5 Technical Specifications & Dimensions PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik All parameters at u = 32 mm2/s; 0 = 40°C; outlet = pressureless pcont. = admissible continuous pressure at limitation to pcont pmax. = maximal admissible operating pressure at limitation Pinterm. and max. 10% duty cycle / hour ppeak= peak pressure, where the components remain safe in function. Pcont. = Continuous power (at maximal 10 bar outlet pressure). Motor flushing must be carried out above Pcont. Pinterm. = Power, which may be demanded temporarily (max. 10% duty cycle / hour). ptotal = maximum...

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 Series Characteristics Graphs PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik All parameters at u = 32 mm2/s; 0 = 40°C; outlet = pressureless Torque curve Hydraulic and mechanical efficiency by % Overall leakage No-load characteristic Shaft strength calculation Example: Given: F = 750 N; x = 18 mm; Ap = 150 bar Wanted: Shaft strength Generate intercept point S1 by using radial load F and shaft gap X. Now, S2 will be determined by using S1 and the pressure difference Ap. In case, S2 is located within the hachure's sector, shaft will be fatigue endurable. #DriveLineHarmony...

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LSHT Hydraulic Motors AE3 Series Characteristics Graphs PUSTERLOH Fluidtechnik All parameters at u = 32 mm2/s; 0 = 40°C; outlet = pressureless Radial load Gap Pressure difference Speed Wanted: Service life radial bearing. Graph to determine service life of radial bearing: To determine service life of bearing, use radial load Fr = 0,75 kN and gap X = 18 mm in order to find intercept point S1. By using S1, draw a vertical line to pressure curves Ap = 150 bar. From this, intercept point S2 can be determined. By drawing a horizontal line to speed curve n = 2000 rpm, intercept point S3 is found....

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