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Low-Noise Thrusters © ShowBoats / Courtesy of Oceanfast Noise-reduced manoeuvring systems from Jastram meet the international mega-yacht industry’s demand for the ultimate comfort. Active and passive low-noise thrusters from Jastram offer sophisticated technologies for silent manoeuvring in ports and during offshore dynamic positioning. No noise reduction Active noise reduction 50 Patented technology Reduced cavitation noise Recognised mega-yacht supplier Resiliently mounted drive assembly For transverse & azimuth grid thrusters The ambient noise recording in a transverse thruster room shows the highest noise reduction in the audible frequency range.

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© James Fisher Everard Environmental legislation has resulted in more stringent requirements for noise control in vessels manoeuvring in ports close to residential areas. Active noise reduction In the mid-fifties, when the first transverse thrusters were being delivered, Jastram were already working on technologies for noise reduction. For working vessels noise insulation is required by the classification societies for recreation rooms and crew lounges. Jastram applied for their first patent for a method for noise reduction in 1964. Scientific research was performed by ‘Jastram Forschung’...

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