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Jastram Digital Control System

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Photo courtesy of POSH Semco Pte Ltd. Jastram Digital Control System The Digital Control System consists of four basic components: • A Digital Steering Controller (DSC) • At least one Mode Control Processor (MCP) • At least one Steering Input Device • A Rudder Feedback Unit (RFU) The core of the Jastram Digital Control System is the Digital Steering Controller (DSC). The DSC processes signals from the Mode Control Processors (MCP) and in turn controls the response of the hydraulic power units and, ultimately, the rudder. The MCP is a station processor which connects the signals from the station Input Devices and Control Type Approved Product; see details on back page

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Digital Steering Controller (DSC) Mode Control Processor (MCP) The DSC is designed specically for marine steering. It contains a sophisticated microprocessor to perform all computations from the input devices in order to maintain extremely accurate control. The MCP receives signals from the input devices & control panels then transmits these signals to the Digital Steering Controller for processing. It also receives commands for the RAI, ROI and station transfer logic from the DSC, all through a single RS485 cable. Conguration software is provided to allow each steering system to be...

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This unit provides direct button selection of the available steering control modes. It is configured for each system installation. Mode selection is located at every steering station as required by Classification Societies • Single button panels can be supplied for steering stations requiring only one option • Selected mode of steering is illuminated • Control Panel face is backlit and includes a built-in dimmer • Fault light and audible alarm are built in • Black Lexan face panels are • Panels can be modified on the vessel in the event of a refit or system reconfiguration • Selection...

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