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Jastram Analog Control System

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Photo courtesy of Eric Stapleton Jastram Analog Control System The core of the Jastram Analog Control system is the Steering Control Amplier (SCA). The SCA processes the signals from the input devices and directs the hydraulic power units, the steering gear and, ultimately, the rudder. The SCA needs several other components to make up a steering control system. In order to structure a SCA control system in its most basic form the following items are needed: Input Device(s), Control Panel(s), a Command Input Selector (CIS), an electro-hydraulic interface, a Rudder Feedback Unit (RFU) and in certain cases a Conversion & Change-Over valve (CCO). Input Devices CP SCA CIS CCO Electro-Hydraulic Interface RFU Engineered For Life At Sea

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Steering Control Amplifier (SCA) It is important to note the difference between the two main types of SCA's available. The SCA 200 is designed to control a standard on / off solenoid while the SCA 300 controls proportional solenoid valves • Different versions are available to suit steering characteristics of * Rudder angle limit * Helm sensitivity (deadband) * Rudder follow-up two speed response times • Splashproof and corrosion resistant IP 66, NEMA 4 enclosure • Power consumption 12-36VDC ±10%, < 200 mAmp • Easy to remove and replace • Plug Kits are supplied with SCA Command Input...

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Conversion & Change-Over Manifold (CCO) The Jastram CCO Manifold is an electric hydraulic steering input device for full follow-up wheel steering. The CCO converts hydraulic oil flow (when the helm is turned) into an electrical signal. This signal is transferred to the SCA amplifier which in turn controls the amount of oil flowing to the cylinders from the hydraulic power units h the event of power failure the CCO seamlessly "changes over" and connects the helm pump directly to the steering cylinder, thus providing manual hydraulic steering Easy retrofitting for upgrading manual hydraulic...

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