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Condition Monitoring

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Condition Monitoring and High Performance Shaft Seals are available for the following transverse thruster types and power ranges. The technical specifications are based on continuous operation mode ► Enhanced Lifetime ► Leakage Detection ► Continuous Operation ► Extended Docking ► Transverse Thrusters BU 90 400kW BU100    | The system detects the following leaks ► Both water-side shaft seals are damaged: The oil level in the locking oil gravity tank increases; the oil level in the gear oil gravity tank remains constant. If the alarm is triggered, the valve to the locking oil tank can be closed to prevent further ingression of water into the locking oil chamber. ► The gear oil shaft seal is damaged: The level in the gear oil gravity tank decreases, the level in the locking oil gravity tank increases, triggering an alarm. To reduce the loss of gear oil, the gear oil tank valve can be closed. Any temperature-related volume dilation of the gear oil is balanced by the locking oil tank. ► All shaft seals are damaged: The level in the gear oil tank decreases, the level in the locking oil tank increases, triggering an alarm; the locking oil level still increases rapidly even if the gear oil valve is closed. The valves to both tanks can be closed to reduce the loss of oil and the ingression of water to the vessel via the overflow of the locking oil tank. The valve to the locking oil tank can be opened for emergency thruster operation. The vessel must be docked immediately and the seals repaired. Further Jastram products: Azimuth Grid Thrusters Thruster Drives & Controls High Performance Shaft Seals

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Condition Monitoring and High Performance Shaft Seals To meet the demanding requirements of the offshore industry for continuously operating transverse thrusters, high performance shaft seals combined with a pressure controlled leakage monitoring system are integrated. The operation of offshore vessels is characterized by long operating times and extended docking intervals. This requires predictable and projectable maintenance intervals and repair work. Additionally, environmental concerns demand a special focus on leakage protection to prevent oil spills and pollution. The solution to...

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