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Azimuth Grid Thrusters

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► 360° steering grid ► Reliable thruster gears ► Resistant to grounding ► Suitable for shallow water ► Low-noise operating mode The Jastram azimuth grid thruster is capable of providing highly accurate dynamic positioning, responsive steering and emergency propulsion. Mounted flush to the bottom of the vessel, it has no protruding parts which could be damaged in shallow water. A removable grid protects the horizontally mounted propeller. Smaller parts and sand are washed through the large-volume housing. A special propeller generates effective thrust with a high volume at a low pressure. With the solid Jastram thruster gear, the water is pumped through the 360° rotating steering grid. Turning the grid by up to 180° in 8 seconds, the thruster provides immediate thrust in all directions. The prime mover can be moved by 180° around the propeller according to the given installation conditions in the hull structure. The given thrust range is based on experience as well as calculations using the column ‘Max kW’ and is about 70% of the thrust of transverse thrusters. ‘Max kW’ may differ for requirements of classification societies. Ro Ro vessel with four azimuth grid thrusters for transporting Airbus A380 wings in shallow water and extremely tight river sections at high tidal ranges.

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River cruise vessel with Jastram azimuth grid thruster in the bow section and Jastram active noise reduction. Technical features: The thruster gear is bolted to the housing and can be mounted and dismounted during docking. The propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes. The stainless steel ring in the propeller tip region protects the housing against cavitation damage. The oil lubrication system with oil level sensor (to be installed by the shipyard above waterline) protects the seals against water ingress. Options:...

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