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A 40’ Offshore Speedster with Less Crew

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The new J/121 is a 40’ offshore speedster that can be day raced or distance sailed by just 5 or less crew—the best short-handed J ever— capable of winning on any race track while also excelling in daysailing and weekend mode. Here’s a boat, class and program that redefines sailboat racing as a recreation and shared adventure with friends, reducing the focus on specialization and athletic short-course W/L racing. The J/121 fulfills the growing need to simplify life and reconnect with those you really want to sail with on a boat that’s pure magic t

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J121 - 3

Creating the best short-handed J ever starts with a hull shape that excels on all points of sail, particularly reaching. Most classic distance races have a beat/reach/run ratio around 15%/60%/25%. Straight-line speed is the name of the game and is achieved by having a low drag, efficient hull with high form stability and exceptional balance. Add to this a highly engineered carbon rig package, an L-shaped low VCG keel, infused composite construction, and a water-ballast assist system that adds nearly 400 kilos (4 big guys) of crew weight to the rail and you have the J/121.

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J121 - 4

Simplified Sail-Handling Handling a 40 footer with less crew requires a rig, sail and deck plan that simplifies sail handling. New technology developed for the Vendee Globe and other extreme offshore sailing events is trickling down faster than ever, particularly in new furling systems. The J/121 base sail inventory features an AP furling J1 jib, a hoistable furling J4 inside the forestay, a Code Zero with top-down furler flown from the bowsprit, and an asymmetric spinnaker also flown from the bowsprit. Each headsail is dedicated to its own furler or snuffer, meaning less hands on the...

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J121 - 6

Versatile, Ergonomic Cockpit J/121’s ergonomic cockpit builds upon J/Boats’ past award-winning designs, with excellent working space, protection from the elements behind a soft dodger, and exceptional twin steering stations that allow the driver to straddle the wheel and reach all the mainsail controls while driving. Clean sight-lines forward from the helm and trimming positions provide immediate gearchanging capability with reduced fatigue. Adjustable jib leads via floating trim rings allow nearly infinite placement of the jib clew (crucial for reaching) without the friction normally...

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J121 - 9

J/121 Specifications Dimensions Foot/ Lbs Meter/ Kg LOA Standard Draft Standard Ballast SA/Dspl Dspl/L Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation

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