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J/99 - 1

Fast, Fun and Versatile Offshore Speedster

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J/99 - 2

Woohoo! 17+ knots during our first J/99 race of the season. No wipe-outs, easy sailing, and life-long memories made and shared by everyone aboard. Sailing is all about harnessing the power of the wind and sea to experience a unique and exhilarating sense of freedom - away from the constraints and pressures ashore. The NEW J/99 (32.6’) expands one’s horizons far beyond any single sailing activity or locale. Here’s a boat you can solo sail on a moment’s notice, double-hand to Fastnet Rock, or load up with family and friends for a day race or cruise. The best sailboats are the ones that...

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J/99 - 3

Photography by Billy Black, Jean-Marie Liot, Bill Shea, François Van Malleghem

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J/99 - 4

The J/99 opens up a wide range of sailing possibilities. The versatile sail plan, balanced hull form and efficient cockpit are ideal for short-handed offshore sailing as well as weekend sailing with friends. -Alan Johnstone, J/99 desig

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J/99 - 5

J/Boats pioneered the modern day use of bowsprits and asymmetric spinnakers (A-sails) and sailing has forever changed. Two people can now hoist, jibe and drop an A-sail on a 40 footer. The J/99 is even easier thanks to a fixed carbon bow sprit, a first for J/Boats. The J/99 deck layout is further optimized for handling with large winches, increased purchases on loaded controls, and all halyards and sail controls leading to the cockpit. Steering the J/99 is pure joy. With the mainsheet, traveler, backstay and jib sheets all within easy reach, the driver can happily trim and steer all day...

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J/99 - 6

Comfort Above and Below Ready to ESCAPE for a week or a quick overnight? Just pack up the family, food and drink and you can be self-sufficient on the J/99 exploring new destinations. The large cockpit with comfortable sit-in seating is perfect for lounging, and there’s easy swimming access off the transom. Dinner can be prepared in the galley (equipped with stove, frig, and large sink) and enjoyed around the main cabin table. Plot your next day’s route from the comfort of the sit-down, forward-facing navigation station. Let the versatility of the J/99 inspire new sailing experiences

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J/99 - 8

With the J/99, we set out to create more than a fast, easy-to-sail offshore speedster. We set out to design a boat that would make you say woohoo! every time you left the dock. Dimensions ft/lbs m/kg LOA 32.61 9.94 LWL 28.60 8.72 Beam 11.18 3.40 Standard Draft 6.54 1.99 Displacement 8,415 3,800 Ballast 3,350 1,520 Engine Volvo D1-20 20hp 20hp 100% SA 571 53 I 43.37 13.22 J 12.56 3.83 P 41.80 12.74 E 14.30 4.359 ISP 47.25 14.44 STL (SPL) 16.73 5.10 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation The J/99 has been widely recognized by the world’s yachting press as a...

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