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Sportboat Thrills with Stability in a Family Friendly One-Design

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Friendly Sailing at Home and Around the World. With 1400+ boats on the water and a strong class organization promoting J/80 activity in the United States, France, England, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Denmark and other areas, the J/80 is the sportboat of choice for sailors the world over. The J/80’s combination of thrilling performance and reassuring stability, tough construction and one-design popularity has attracted a wide variety of enthusiasts. Close racing, sportboat speed—under spinnaker the J/80 planes at 15+ knots—and a well-rounded, fun-to-sail design add up to enduring...

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J 80 - 3

The J/80 is Fun to Steer and Easy to Crew. The J/80 has a balanced, instant-response helm that makes steering a true joy. The boat’s 12-foot, 3-inch-long cockpit gives the rest of the crew plenty of room without needing to clamber over the cabintop during tacks and jibes; the high boom adds to safety. When you are ready for turbocharge mode, the asymmetrical spinnaker is easy to set and fly: Pull a control line to extend the carbon-fiber J Sprit, hoist the halyard, and trim the sheet. To jibe, ease one sheet and pull in the other. There’s never a need to touch the pole or step onto the...

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J 80 - 4

Built to Last and Equipped with First-Class Hardware Built Tough with a Race-Ready Layout. The J/80 is built with Lloyds-approved Baltek end-grain balsa and E-glass structural skins, producing a composite structure with twice the impact resistance and durability of ordinary race-boat laminates—your J/80 will stand up to year after year of vigorous use. With sealed buoyancy tanks forward and under the cockpit, a closed transom, and high righting moment, the J/80 is the only production sportboat under 30 feet certified for Design Category B under the EU Recreational Craft Directive of the ISO...

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