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J/70 - 1

The Ramp-Launching Speedster with Stability

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J/70 - 2

The J/70 Speedster is J/Boat’s first ramp-launchable keelboat - designed to fulfill the growing need for an easyto-own, high performance one design that is exciting to sail, stable enough for the family, and built to last. A natural evolution of its J pedigree, the J/70’s 22+ feet of sailing lengh with high aspect, all carbon rig and deep, lifting keel provided spirited, sportboat performance with the stability normally found in a much larger boat. Knifing through the water upwind with confidence and ease, the J/70 has that legendary “J” feel – light, controllable with a wide-groove to sail...

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J/70 - 3

Photo credits : Onne van der Wal J-UK/Rick Tomlinson Paul Todd

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J/70 - 5

The J/70’s 11’ long cockpit and moderate height boom allow easy crew movement across the cockpit while tacking and jibing. For sitting and hiking comfort, mid-height safety-lines run cockpit length, making J/70 one of the most comfortable boats to steer and crew aboard without having to rely on hiking devices. Unlike most ramp-launching sailboats, J/70 features a small cabin to provide weather protection, a place to nap and personal privacy. With two small seats, a full length V-berth and storage bin locations, there’s space to tote along everything needed for a day on the water. With...

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J/70 - 6

J/70 is all about making sailing more accessible and easer to fit into today’s busy lifestyle. Two people are all it takes to step the mast, rig and launch the J/70. One is all it takes to sail her. The J/70 can be stored and sailed from a mooring or dock slip, dry-sailed from its trailer, and even dry-sailed from a floating dock thanks to new storage systems such as Versadock DrySail.

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J/70 - 8

Sailing comfort and ease with trailering freedom Dimensions ft/lbs m/kg LOA 22.75 6.93 LWL 20.47 6.24 Beam 7.38 2.25 Standard Draft 4.75 1.45 Displacement 1,750 794 Ballast 630 286 Engine Outboard Outboard 100% SA 226 21 I 26.77 8.16 J 7.68 2.34 P 26.16 7.97 E 9.44 2.88 SA/dspl 25 25 Dspl/L 91 91 Les caractéristiques peuvent être modifiées sans préavis ni obligation. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obl

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