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J/112E - 1

Speed, Comfort and Fingertip Control in a 36 Footer You Can Sail Offshore

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J/112E - 2

J/112E combines the style and comfort of a luxury cruiser with the performance and versatility of her race-winning J/ sisterships. Faster upwind than most 40’s and easier to manage downwind than most 30’s, J/112E offers the best of both worlds. J’s are called the best sailing boats for good reason – long waterlines, minimum resistance hull shapes, high stability and efficient, easy-to-manage sail plans allow near peak performance with just a few people aboard. It’s why J sailors spend so much more time sailing. J/112E is all about sailing comfort and fun. “Sailing comfort” means sailing...

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J/112E - 4

Below deck, J/112E takes interior comfort to a new level with a spacious and bright two cabin/aft head layout to accommodate two couples or a family with children. The varnished walnut joinerwork adds just the right proportion of classic warm wood accents. The large cabin ports and bright surfaces provide abundant natural light and ventilation to enhance the sense of open space below.

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J/112E - 10

Built Offshore Tough The J/112E is built strong by J/Composites (in the Vendee region of France) utilizing the latest advanced composite resin infusion technology – twice as strong as hand-laid fiberglass boats. J/Composites was the first European shipyard to adopt SCRIMP infusion molding technology in the 90’s and now has one of the world’s most experienced infusion tea

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J/112E - 11

J/112e Principle Dimensions DIMENSIONS Standard Draft Draft Option Displacement Ballast (standard) 100% SA Diesel Engine

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