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Next Generation Speedster A Fast, Versatile 36 Footer with A-Sail Ease and 6' Headroom

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What began as a gleam in the eye of a longtime J owner is now the NEW J/lll, a sleek, high-speed 36 footer that races, daysails and weekends like no other sailboat before it. Pure in form and elegant in execution, the J/lll is a beautifully driven, easy-to-handle speedster that slices to windward at 7+ knots, and hits double-digit speeds downwind. Designed with the avid performance sailor in mind, the J/lll is all about sailing value - how to bring about the most sailing joy from the valuable time and resources invested. The Fastest J under 40' How does she sail? This sailboat flies! J/lll...

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Efficient Racing/Daysailing Cockpit The J/l 11 sports a large T-shaped cockpit with open transom, floor-mounted traveler, and elegant but rugged molded-in wheel pedestal to anchor the large 60" wheel. The driver can comfortably sit to windward to see the jib telltales while easily reaching the mainsheet, traveler and remote hydraulic backstay. The jib trimmer can in quick succession adjust jib sheet tension, jib lead position and jib inhauler angle thanks to conveniently placed controls. The halyards, reef, furler and sprit lines are also cockpit led to simplify short-handed sailing. When...

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Photography by Billy Black; Aerial photos by Onne van der Wal Technology Where it Counts The J/l 11 is built to exceed the new ISO 12215 structural standard (Cat A) and features an optimized E-glass/balsa vacuum infused laminated hull, an E-glass/Corecell deck, a flange-mounted low VCG bulb keel, a retractable carbon sprit, and high aspect rudder with carbon rudder post. The custom Hall Spars auto-claved carbon mast is lighter, stronger and has lower weight distribution that conventional carbon rigs. The J/l 11 is designed and engineered towards centralizing and lowering the weight of all...

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Upwind Sail Area 69.8 751 Downwind Sail Area 167.0 1,798 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation Box 90, Newport, RI02840 U.S.A. Tel: 401-846-8410; Fax: 401 846-4723 Email: info@jboats.com; Web: www.jboats.com

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