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UltraFog - 1

Professional humidifier Unique professional humidifier with extremely fine mist

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UltraFog - 2

Professional humidifier The importance of humidity The Idealin Ultrafog is a powerful, compact and easy-to-use high-capacity humidifier, capable of bringing the humidity in a large space to a healthy level or bringing the humidity to a high level for specific applications. Connecting to a power supply and connecting to a water supply with simple quick couplings is sufficient for the appliance to function. The Idealin Ultrafog produces an extremely fine mist with a droplet size of approx. 2 microns that can be applied immediately evaporates, achieving powerful humidification without the mist...

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UltraFog - 3

Centrifugal Atomization In the device, water is injected onto a rapidly rotating disc, the centrifugal force throws the water out with great force, forcing it through a fine grid, where the water is broken up into a fine mist. The fan in the device spreads the mist and accelerates the evaporation. The water droplets are so small (2 - 4 thousandths of a millimeter) that they quickly evaporate and increase the humidity in the room. Production facility Storage/warehouse Laboratory printing company Kas Grow room Office garden Churches (organ) In the Ultrafog, this mist is further reduced to a...

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UltraFog - 4

Ultrafog Accessoires Hale Hygro Control Hygrostat for in the socket Water softener with 25 or 50 liters capacity for adding lime-free water Roto 120 120º rotating stand for optimum mist dispersion Digicon Hygrostat with Swiss sensor for very accurate control even at very high humidity levels

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UltraFog - 5

Ultrafog Capacity Mist droplet size Temperature range Power supply Power consumption Noise level

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UltraFog - 6

Idealin Digicon hygrostat with Swiss sensor Art. no. 20200228 Hale Hygro Control Hygrostaat Art. no. 12101909 Water softener Art. no. 20200311 (25 liters) Art. no. 20200312 (50 liters) Adapter sock Art. no. verloopsok Water supply connection set Art. no. 20200229 Adapter coupling 6mm insert x 1/2” Art. no. verloopkoppeling6x1/2 Plug-in coupling Art. no. Insteekkoppeling Y-piece water connection Art. no. Y-stuk Water hose Art. no. FE slang

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UltraFog - 7

Itec Air Purification Koppelstraat 7 7391AK Twello 0571 840 844 info@itecluchtreiniger.nl www.itecluchtreiniger.nl

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