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THE COMPANY ORVEA was founded in Monza, a town in the north of Italy, in 1947. Like many companies of that period, they worked on different kinds of boat accessories, but they soon get specialized in design and production of propellers and especially anchor windlasses. Thanks to the fact that the company had a foundry, ORVEA invested more and more on these two products, specializing even on large pleasure, military and commercial boats. The Italwinch project was born in 2007, in order to increase the international presence of the company and the brand became Italwinch by ORVEA. Now the...

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ADVANCED TECNOLOGY Italwinch know how starts in the last century, on which the founders create the first windlasses. Many years have passed since those times and now the company gathers the great experience acquired during these years, with advanced and finest solutions required for the modern superyachts. Now the company has gained the quality assurance discipline ISO9001 and 3D products design is always undertaken with classification body requirements. Thanks to this reason, Italwinch exceeds and meets the strictest world’s classification requirements, including LRS, BV, ABS, CCS, RINA,...

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In the latest decades, the superyachts compartment have always increased the quality and reliability request on the supply. Italwinch always follows these criteria, supplying all the range with AISI 316L mirror polished parts and making unique solutions, like the light gearbox, specifically projected for marine environment. Maintaining the highest quality standards remains our principal aim.

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BEAUTIFUL BUT TOUGH Since the very beginning, the company was involved in supplying to military boats and commercial vessels. These kind of requests permitted Italwinch to grow and develop products studied for a continuative and intensive use, dimensioning the mechanical parts of all the range under these requirements. Thanks to this, you can now find this reliability in all our products.

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WORLD PRESENCE Compared to last century, Italwinch is now focused on the international market, with an extensive and continually expanding distribution and service network across the world. Italwinch covers North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia up to Australia and New Zealand.

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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” (Henry Miller) CONCEPT AND ART DIRECTION: Michele Sfregola PHOTOGRAPHS: Giuliano Sargentini and Thierry Ameller

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All the products are made and distributed by MZ Electronic S.r.l.

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