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MARINE SOLUTIONS A young and dynamic company, Italia Marine is increasingly making its mark in the marine sector throughout Europe, specializes in the development of innovative design and construction of Military Boat Lifts, built for the Italian Revenue Guard Corp (Guardia di Finanza) to latest Fast Patrol Boats, suitable for law enforcement duties and SAR missions.

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Boat Service Lift (BSL) is a new Floating Dock System for boat lifting introduced by Italia Marine of Viareggio -Italy. The BSL offers Yard and Marinas operators a highly versatile and environmentally friendly option for quick boat inspections (Boat down-time dramatically reduced). This system, requires non cranes, hoists or trolley supports, can lift vessels weighing up to 20 tones safely out of the water for hull and propulsion system checks and repairs (Save time and cost for boat maintenance). The BSL also benefits from low maintenance costs as its structure is manufactured from...

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Dimensions and technical data: - Width: 7,30m - Length: 8,10m - Weight: 1 Ot - Maximum Barycentric: 1 2t - Made from: High density polyethylene (floating parts) and hot dip galvanized steel (structure) Accessories: - Underwater lighting system; - Outboard engines; - Ballast systems; - Winches; The Marina Supply Pontoon (MSP) offers Port and Marinas operators a highly versatile option for quick transport and maintenance of mooring post and catenary within the port or marina area. The MSP can lift and carry mooring post weighing up to 3 tones. The MSP also benefits from low maintenance costs...

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Customized floating solutions

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