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Low friction, self polishing antifouling Product Description Interswift®6800HS is a patented, high volume solids, hydrolysing, self polishing antifouling Self Polishing Antifouling Technology: Application incorporating unique copper acrylate Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) technology. Interswift®6800HS can be used at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair for in service periods of up to 60 months. Incorporates patented copper acrylate SPC technology Control of maintenance costs Reduced leached layer Controlled polishing rate Predictable schemes which minimise coating build up over time Controlled biocide release Predictable performance High volume solids (62%) Faster application Reduced wastage Less paint required Reduced VOC emissions: 348g/lt (EPA Method 24), 184g/kg (EU Solvent Emissions Directive) Surface tolerant Suitable for application over existing antifoulings in good condition Up to 60 months in service periods Flexibility in drydocking schedule Good mechanical properties Damage resistance Finished application on a 38,000 DWT bulk carrier Application on a 53,000 DWT bulk carrier Product Information Colour Surface preparation At Newbuilding, Interswift®6800HS should be applied over a recommended primer coating scheme Volume solids Typical film thickness Minimum application temperature Airless Spray, Brush, Roller 73,000 DWT bulk carrier: finished application For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or from our website. *For European regulated countries. 1575 Akzo Nobel Sheet_Interswift 6800HS.indd 1

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Smoother surface Over time, hull roughness generally increases due to mechanical damage, resulting in higher operating costs. This increase can be offset by the degree of polishing and is dependent on the antifouling type used. For Interswift® technology, the coating surface is found to be 12% smoother than that of a typical Controlled Depletion Polymer (CDP) antifouling. Self Polishing Antifouling Technology: Key Advantages During Application High volume solids – faster application Interswift® after immersion and high pressure fresh water washing. Laser profilometer scan Typical CDP after...

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