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Clean Seas Award 2009 International Paint Ltd is part of AkzoNobel, the Netherlands based company serving customers throughout the world with coatings and chemicals. Intersleek Better for the environment. Better for your business. Countering Marine Pollution 1997 International Paint Ltd, Stoneygate Lane, Felling Gateshead, NE10 0JY United Kingdom Call: +44 (0)191 469 6111 Fax: +44 (0)191 495 2003 Send an email: Visit our website: Sign up to keep up to date with our latest news visit This brochure is: Important Notes: All representations and statements concerning the product(s) in this publication are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Statements made in this publication are advisory only and are not intended to be specific recommendations or warranties of any product, combination of products or fitness for any particular purpose. To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any liability to any person for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) that may arise from any use or reliance on any of the methods or information contained in this publication for any purpose. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to the Conditions of Sale of our supplying company. Any warranties, if given, are contained in those standard Conditions of Sale and are the only ones made with respect to any products we sell to your or advice or recommendations we give to you. We hereby disclaim any warranties or representations, expressed or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or from our website: and International® and all products mentioned in this publication are trademarks of, or are licensed to, AkzoNobel. © AkzoNobel, 2010 When you have finished with this brochure, pass it on to a colleague or recycle DD10109701/Aug10 10109701 Folder OUTER aw.indd 1

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As focus shifts towards the environmental cost of shipping, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is actively working with the industry to identify new technologies and designs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The IMO is considering a number of new measures designed to reduce emissions from international shipping: • nergy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI): E Intended to stimulate innovation and technical development of all elements influencing the energy efficiency of a vessel from design phase for new ships. • nergy Efficiency Operational Indicator E (EEOI): For new and...

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More value, less impact Our latest fluoropolymer foul release technology, Intersleek®900, is exceptionally smooth with very low levels of average hull roughness. This, combined with excellent resistance to fouling, means that all vessels can benefit from foul release technology. Improving your fuel consumption Intersleek®900 offers typical fuel and emissions savings of up to 9% in comparison to biocide containing self polishing copolymer (SPC) antifoulings. Reducing global CO2 emissions Intersleek®900 has been shown to be a significant development which can have a positive impact on the...

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Less emissions Up to 9% reduction in CO2 emissions. Less paint & lower VOC emissions Intersleek® has higher volume solids and lower required film thickness than SPC systems. This results in a 40% reduction in paint volume and 60% reduction in VOC emissions for first time application. At interim dockings, paint volume required is reduced by over 80%. Less waste disposal Reduced treatment and disposal costs of wash water and blasting abrasive. Over 50% reduction in waste packaging compared to SPC systems. Biocides No leaching of biocides into the sea. Enhanced health and safety for...

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Proven success International Paint first applied Intersleek® in 1989. With over 1,000 full vessels now coated, our customers have witnessed excellent fouling control performance, resulting in operational and environmental efficiencies on a wide range of vessel types. Proven fuel and emission reduction “We are now achieving up to a 9% reduction in fuel consumption under comparable conditions, reducing subsequent CO2 emissions by almost 11,000 tonnes, SOx by 100 tonnes and NOx by 200 tonnes.” Proven foul release performance “To date, performance results have been very positive. The vessel is...

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