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Intershield® One-2-One Surface Tolerant Universal Primer for Onboard Maintenance (OBM) Certificates Product Description A surface tolerant universal pure epoxy primer for use as an anticorrosive touch up coating providing excellent corrosion protection. Intershield® One-2-One is a crew friendly onboard maintenance two-pack universal primer, specifically engineered to a 1:1 mix ratio, offering simplified mixing and reduced wastage. Universal primer allows the replacement of several products with a single product that meets all the required OBM characteristics as well as meeting the service performance expectation of the vessel operator. Crew friendly small pack sizes available in “Equal” mix ratio Simplified 1:1 mix ratio meaning reduced paint wastage from incorrect mixing and partially used tins. More efficient utilization of purchased coatings. More efficient inventory management and paint locker storage. *Tested to this standard. Consult local IP representative for details Surface tolerant universal application for all vessel areas at OBM including ballast tanks. Food Contact – Carriage of Grain (NOHH) Food Contact – FDA compliant: Dry Foodstuffs Potable water – BS6920* Water Ballast Tank – PSPC WBT TAC* Excellent long term corrosion prevention and resistance to mechanical damage Designed to prevent the onset and progression of costly corrosion and to protect steel integrity whilst operating in harsh corrosive environments. Low temperature cure and year round workability Product Performance Excellent brush application properties delivering a smoother levelled finish. Simplified maintenance and repair procedures allowing greater flexibility in maintenance scheduling and optimizing of crew time and expenditure. Product Data Colors IIA121-Aluminium Part A, IIA122-Red Part A, IIA125-Part B (Curing Agent) Typical film thickness Theoretical coverage Intershield One-2-One in comparison to competitor product tested at 1000 hours hot salt spray Brush, Roller, Airless Spray Not required. Use International GTA220 only in exceptional circumstances Reduced paint wastage from incorrect mixing and partially used tins. For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or from our website. To find out more visit: , International and all products mentioned in this publication are trademarks of or are licensed to AkzoNobel © AkzoNobel, 2016 Global Marine Coatings Headquarters International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd, 21, Tuas South Street 3, Singapore 638023. Call: +65 6594 8800

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