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Interprime 65 Tar Free Anticorrosive PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A light coloured, surface tolerant, one pack tar free anticorrosive. Suitable for single coat specifications (with the necessary stripe coat(s)). INTENDED USES As an anticorrosive for use in sea water ballast tanks, voids and cofferdams. For use at Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance. PRODUCT INFORMATION Colour JVA065-Buff Finish/Sheen Not applicable Part B (Curing Agent) Not applicable Volume Solids 66% ±3% (ISO 3233:1998) Typical Film Thickness 350 microns dry (530 microns wet) Theoretical Coverage 1.89 m²/litre at 350 microns dft, allow appropriate loss factors Method of Application Airless Spray, Brush Flash Point Single Pack 23°C (Product produced and supplied in North America has a flashpoint of 29°C due to locally sourced solvents. There is no detrimental effect on product performance.) Drying Information 5°C Touch Dry [ISO 1517:73] 10°C 23°C 35°C 28 hrs 22 hrs 14 hrs 12 hrs Hard Dry [ISO 9117:90] 10 days 8 days 4 days 3 days Before Flooding 10 days 8 days 4 days 3 days Overcoating Data - see limitations Substrate Temperature 5°C Overcoated By Interprime 65 REGULATORY DATA VOC 10°C 23°C 35°C Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max 24 hrs 3 mths 22 hrs 3 mths 16 hrs 3 mths 8 hrs 3 mths 334 g/lt as supplied (EPA Method 24) 199 g/kg of liquid paint as supplied. EU Solvent Emissions Directive (Council Directive 1999/13/EC) Note: VOC values are typical and are provided for guidance purposes only. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in colour and normal manufacturing tolerances. Marine Coatings Page 1 of 4 Issue Date:07/07/2009 Ref:395

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When used as part of an approved scheme, this material has the following certification: • Tank Coatings - Recognised Water Ballast Tank Maintenance Coating (LR) Consult your International Paint representative for details. Consult your International Paint representative for the system best suited for the surfaces to be protected. Use in accordance with the standard Worldwide Marine Specifications. All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. High pressure fresh water wash or fresh water wash, as appropriate, and remove all oil or grease, soluble contaminants...

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This material is a one pack coating. Always mix thoroughly with a power agitator before application. Material is supplied at brushing viscosity. For airless spray application thin with International GTA007 (max 3% Total output fluid pressure at spray tip not less than 211 - 246 kg/cm2 (3000 - 3500 p.s.i.) Application by brush is recommended for touch up areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film thickness. Application by roller is not recommended. Clean all equipment immediately after use with International GTA007 Thinner. Spray equipment requires flushing with...

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Interprime 65 Tar Free Anticorrosive LIMITATIONS UNIT SIZE When spraying large areas it is recommended that a brush coat is applied to any pitted or rough surfaces prior to a full spray coat to ensure full coverage and penetration. Stripe coating of complex structures is recommended. In certain circumstances, walk-on times may not allow overcoating at the specified minimum interval. Drying times may alter due to on-site factors such as tank configuration and ventilation rates. Consult International Paint for details. Due to potential film softening by the action of crude oil, Interprime 65...

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