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Two pack, high performance, epoxy cargo tank coating Product Description An ambient cured, high performance epoxy coating of fering a broad range of cargo carriage and sequencing. Interline®904 is engineered to provide wide operational flexibility within the chemical and spot market product trade. For use at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair . Optimised formulation with high cross link density Resistance to a wide range of cargoes for operational flexibility Tough, smooth finish Efficient tank cleaning operations for faster turnaround Ambient temperature cure (down to 5°C) with no post-curing required Simplified service entry requirements Cost effective application Flexible overcoating times Practical application scheduling Low cargo absorption compared with alternative technologies Reduced cleaning requirement and vessel downtime Reduced contamination potential and vessel operating concerns Tough, smooth finish Reduced cleaning requirement Product Information Colour TCA932 Pink, TCA933 Buff, TCA934 Grey Surface preparation Fresh water wash. Abrasive blast to Sa 2½ or SSPC – SP10 Volume solids Typical film thickness Minimum application temperature 5ºC Method of application Airless spray, Brush, Roller For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Pr oduct Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets ar e available on request or from our website. Faster turnaround and return to s

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Cargo Resistance Comparison TOP 97 CARGOES RESISTANCE SCORE The above graph shows a comparison of r esistance to the highest volume liquid cargoes (using an arbitrary scoring system) of Interline ®904 against competitor offers, and demonstrates a very broad cargo carriage capability and operational flexibility with Interline ®904. In choosing Interline®904, greatly improved financial returns for vessel operations can be achieved. Cargo Absorption / Desorption Profile EPOXY / AMINE ISOCYANATE-CURED EPOXY Using isocyanate cured epoxy technology means very low levels of cargo ar e absorbed...

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