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Intercept® 7000 TBT Free, Linear polishing biocidal antifouling In-Service Performance Product Description An economical choice in biocidal antifouling featuring linear polishing, derived from Lubyon® technology. Specifically designed for deep sea vessels at newbuilding and maintenance and repair, for inservice periods of up to 60 months. Key Features Linear polishing for predictable performance and controlled, consistent biocide release Performance on a 52,223 DWT Bulker vessel after 21 months in-service, trading between China and South America Surface tolerance for application over existing antifoulings in good condition High volume solids (60%) & low VOC (362g/l) for faster application, reduced waste and less paint requirement Up to 60 month schemes for flexibility in docking cycle Performance on a 28,225 DWT Bulker vessel after 8 months in-service, trading between South East Asia and Australia Product Information Colour LPA714 - Brown LPA717 - Red Note: The above codes will be substituted by LPA724 – Brown and LPA727 - Red when supplied from Felling and Dammam manufacturing locations Surface preparation Intercept®7000 should always be applied over a recommended primer coating scheme Volume solids Minimum application temperature Airless Spray, Brush, Roller Performance on a 5,812 DWT Ro-Ro vessel after 12 months in-service, trading between UK and France For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or from our website. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to the Conditions of Sale of our supplying company and the provisions of the relevant product data sheet. , International and all products mentioned in this publication are trademarks of or are licensed to AkzoNobel © AkzoNobel, 2016 Global Marine Coatings Headquarters International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd, 21, Tuas South Street 3, Singapore 638023. Call: +65 6594 8800 Fax: +65

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