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Intergard®5555 Epoxy Finish / Primer Product Description A two-pack epoxy finish/primer with excellent colour retention. It may also be used as a primer over galvanized and stainless steel. As a finish/primer coat for use on areas above the waterline. Particularly suitable for use in areas such as engine room/deckhouse as a less yellowing finish/primer. This product is for use at Newbuilding. Features As a one-coat engine room system, this can help to reduce the number of coats, consequently helping to improve yard productivity and reducing costs. 1 Excellent sprayability and less over-spray results in reduced secondary surface preparation. Less discoloration ensures uniform colour with subsequent coating and minimises the requirements of rework. Good opacity ensures the best quality of the internal coating. Finest adhesion to various substrates2 minimises surface preparation. Exceptional chemical resistance to lubricant and diesel oil provides universal concept of coating at engine room areas. Product Information Colour EOB000-White, EOK724-Storm Gray, EOL274-Red, EOL549-SignalGreen, EOY999-Black ; and a wide range of colours Surface preparation Surface should be clean, dry and free from contamination Volume solids 12 hours at 35ºC (single coat) 28 hours at -5ºC (single coat) Airless Spray, Conventional Spray, Brush, Roller Compared to typical two coats alkyd engine room system. 1 One-coat system reduces number of coats, resulting in improvement of work efficiency at yard. Intact shop primers, mild steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel; Substrates to be treated in accordance with yard standard practice, consult your AkzoNobel representative for details. For each of our products the relevant Product Data Sheet, Material Safety Data Sheet and package labelling comprise an integral information system about the product in question. Copies of our Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or from our website. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to the Conditions of Sale of our supplying company and the provisions of the relevant product data sheet. , International and all products mentioned in this publication are trademarks of or are licensed to AkzoNobel © AkzoNobel, 2016 Global Marine Coatings Headquarters International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd, 21, Tuas South Street 3, Singapore 638023. Call: +65 6594 8800 Fax: +65 6594

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Intergard®5555 Epoxy Finish / Primer Product Performance Delivering consistent sprayability during the spray with less over-spray is the key characteristic to be achieved by finish coat. Intergard® 5555 attribute ensures excellent surface quality at engine room area. Colour retention test Typical Alkyd System Poor sprayability (shown as above) results in dust over surrounding area and will reduce the gloss of the surfaces. Typical Epoxy Finish Panels at 60°C oven after 6 months exposure. Intergard® 5555 exhibits excellent colour retention compared to typical alkyd systems. Hiding Power Test...

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