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Abrasive Sweep Steel Surfaces

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Abrasive Sweep Standards For Shop Primed Steel Surfaces 3rd Edition - June 1999 This third edition has been updated to reflect current practice in the Marine industry. The prefixes ER , EY and Z and the AS·1 00 standard which appeared in the 1st and 2nd editions have been removed. X International.

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 4

Foreword The type of Shop Primer, it's current condition and the condition of the shop primed steel plate will all influence the overall performance of subsequently applied paint coatings. The degree of secondary surlace preparation required will therefore vary depending upon the vessel area concerned and the type of paint 10 be applied. These pictorial standards have been produced 10 illustrate three grades of surface preparation by abrasive sweeping. Each standard has been derived from the respective intact shop primer, shown with each set of standards. To achieve the standards shown in...

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 5

Preparation of shop prime d surfaces be fore abrasive sweeping a: Where necessary, fresh water wash 1 remove all dirt and sail contamination. 0 b: Oegrease according to SSPC-SP 1 solvent cleaning. Treatment of corrosion Corroded areas should be prepared In accordance with recognised industry standards e.g. Sa 2 1/a (ISO 8501-1:1988) or or ISO STANDARD U.SA STANDARD BRITISH STANDARD BS 4232 • Second Quality or JSRA STANDARD JASh2 SSPC·SP10 Pictorial standards - abrasive sweeping STANDARD AS.1 Light abrasive sweeping STAND ARD AS.2 Medium abrasive sweeping STANDARD AS.3 Heavy abrasive...

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 6

Pictorial Standards RED OX IDE: UNTREATED STANDARD AS.1 )(.International.

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 7

STANDARD AS.2 STANDARD AS.3 X International. 5

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 8


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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 9

STANDARD AS.2 STANDARD AS.3 Klnternational.

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 10

GREY: UNTREATED STANDARD AS.1 )(.International. 8

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 11

STANDARD AS.2 STANDARD AS.3 K lnternational. 9

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Abrasive-Sweep-Standards-For-Shop-Primed-Steel-Surfaces - 12

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