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ng e products by cultivati ovative, value intensiv ssion is to produce inn Our mi o support the common dicated employees wh y and capabilities of de the creativit ult, the company d customers. As a res and maintaining satisfie goal of creating best LED re customers have the ving products to ensu is continually impro specific applications. performance for their ically advanced and d manufactures techn designs, engineers an Our company trailer, RV, home the marine, truck and D lighting products for energy efficient LE 05, INC. , 2004, and again in 20 markets. In 2002, 2003 and commercial...

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Innovative Lighting received Iowa Farm Bureau’s Renew Rural Iowa Leader Award in November 2006. Innovative Lighting is helping lead the way to help rural communities prosper for future generations. “Hometown businesses, like Innovative Lighting, can breathe new life into small towns in terms of local commerce, jobs, retail spending, and possibly people, “says IFBF Senior Investment Manager, Dave Sengpiel. BENCHMARKS Renew Rural Iowa INC. 500 In 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, Innovative Lighting was named by INC. Magazine as one of the nation's 500 fastest growing private companies. Innovation...

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PROTO-TYPING Proto-Type Finishing Innovative Lighting produces fully finished prototypes useful for your engineering, marketing or testing requirements. Innovative can create a high profile prototype that appears completely finished, commercial ready, and fully functional. Proto-Type Molds Innovative Lighting can produce cost effective and accurate prototype molds machined to manufacture plastic components from any specified thermoplastic material. This service is ideal for producing high-quality, low volume parts that do not warrant expensive hardened tool steel dies. Rapid Proto-Typing...

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Injection Molding Innovative Lighting manufactures and produces precise, high quality molded components from our state-of-the-art presses that meet and exceed customer expectations. We can assist you from beginning to end with part design, coordination of tool building and molding of your parts. Our presses range in size from 22 ton to 1,000 ton for molding components in a wide range of sizes. MOLDING 108 standards. All safety LED lighting products are independently third party certified. Many materials are available to meet your specifications including polycarbonate, polypropylene,...

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WARRANTY INFORMATION LED (Light Emitting Diode) Limited Lifetime Warranty: Innovative Lighting Corporation (ILC) extends a Limited Lifetime LED Lamp Warranty to the original purchaser that ILC's sealed LED Lamp is free from defects in workmanship and/or materials only. Any product developing such defect in material or workmanship within this period will be repaired or replaced with a like product, at our option (ILC) providing it is sent to us, transportation charges prepaid, along with US$5.00 to cover the cost of handling. Please note; this is not a repair charge. Proof-of-Purchase date...

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Prices are subject to change without notice. Terms: Net 30 Days (upon open credit approval) Minimum Order: Orders less than US$50.00 will be accepted for an addtional handling charge of US$5.00. Freight Policy: FOB Roland, Iowa Drop Shipments: Drop shipments will be assessed a fee of US$5.00 Order Lead Time: A minimum of ten (10) working days is requested on all orders. ILC daily cut-off time for shipments is 12:00 PM Central Standard Time. Orders received and requesting same day shipping after 12:00 PM will be processed and shipped the following business day. ILC will try to accomodate all...

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Light Emitting Diode Light Emitting Diode, more commonly known as "LED", represents the cutting edge of lighting technology. LEDs operate on a totally different concept than traditional incandescent style lights. Instead of using a brittle metal filament that is susceptible to shock and vibration, LEDs are solid-state devices with no moving parts utilizing an electronic chip that is encapsulated in an epoxy substrate. This design provides increased durability and a protective seal against outside or foreign elements. Efficiency Fusing Low Heat LEDs are very energy efficient and consume less...

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MARINE LIGHTING GUIDELINES Light Positioning Requirements for Vessels Under Power of Less Than 20 Meters (65 Feet) in Length for International and Inland Rules OR OR OR OR Light Positioning Requirements for Sailing Vessels Under Way International and Inland Rules OR OR OR OR 16

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Notes: A power driven vessel of less than 12 meters (39 ft.) in length may exhibit an all-round white light and sidelights instead of the masthead light and stern light. MARINE Alternative Light Positioning for Vessels Under Power of Less Than 12 Meters (39 Feet) in Length for International and Inland Rules OR OR OR International or Inland Inland Only Please note: this is merely a guide to lighting placement. Please refer to any laws in your area for more detailed information. 17

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MARINE 2.62” 2.22” 1.35” 1.35” 1.25” Product Numbers Powerlight & Motorized LED Stern Light 3.38” 1.35” 1.50” 1.63” 504-1200 - 4 Ft. - Chrome Deck Ring 505-1200 - 5 Ft. - Chrome Deck Ring 3.75” 506-1200- 6 Ft. - Chrome Deck Ring • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Operates 12 Volt DC Systems For Powerboats Under 20 Meters (65.6 Ft.) Single LED Configuration & 50,000 Hours LED Service Life LED Energy Draw 350 mA Vibration/Shock Proof Sealed Circuitry Requires 1.750” Hole Corrosion Resistant Construction Durable Stainless Steel Telescopic Pole Easily Installed on New and Used Boats No Change in...

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MARINE ALL-ROUND LED STERN LIGHTS 1.35” & All-Round LED Plug-In Mount Stern Light 14” 2 - 6 ft. 2.30” 1.00” 1.35” 1.35” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Operates 9-16&Volt DC Systems Single LED Configuration For Powerboats Under 20 Meters (65.6 ft.) Extends from 2 ft. to 6 ft. 50,000 Hours of Service Life Energy Draw 180 mA Shock and Vibration Proof Sealed Circuitry Easy Pull-Up/Down Hand Operation Adjustable Height Corrosion Resistant Durable Stainless Steel Telescopic Pole Easily Installed on New and Used Boats 2.22” No Change in Existing Switch Required Certified Ignition Protected IMCI...

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