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light your display cases.

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It's more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes. It has more impact than It's Precision Optical Performance™ (P.O.P Technology™) from EcoBrite. Using specially designed optics that accurately focus the high intensity beam of our LED lights, EcoBrite's P.0.P Technology™ makes display cases more visually appealing, top to bottom and left to right. It's that uncomparable visual performance, in addition to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, that makes EcoBrite better. Unlike conventional LED systems that add extra LED chips to their fixtures to increase brightness, EcoBrite's...

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Switching to EcoBrite is an easy decision to make. Because of its exclusive optics, EcoBrite lighting systems deliver a brilliant LED color, which is distributed more uniformly across product facings. No hot spots or dark spots. Less glare. More pizzazz from EcoBrite's P.O.P. Technology! In addition to consuming less energy, EcoBrite lighting systems do not produce Infrared or UV light. Assembled in Iowa, the systems contain no lead, mercury, glass or other elements that may have a negative impact on the environment. EASY ON ENERGY BILLS LED lighting has proven itself to be more energy...

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The visual performance of cases are often compromised when burned out fluorescent tubes are not replaced on a regular basis. Fluorescent tubes, which can stick out as far as 3-inches from the door frame, are Fluorescent lights do a great job of lighting the area closest to the tubes, but lack the ability to light the entire case. The glare generated by fluorescent lights make it difficult to view certain products. Fluorescent tubes are only available in standard lengths Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and other elements that are harmful to the environment. As a result, tubes must be...

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This side-by-side comparison of EcoBrite LED technology and fluorescent lighting in the exact same case demonstrates how Precision Optical Performance™ can improve the look of merchandise, the visual impact of your aisles and the bottom line of your operation. Many of the same advantages noted in this comparison are also true when comparing EcoBrite's lighting systems with standard LED lighting systems. EcoBrite lighting systems can run continuously for 80,000 hours with little to no maintenance. With its low profile design of less than 1.17 inches, EcoBrite light strips are virtually...

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SEE THE DIFFERENCE WITH ECOBRITE™ LED technology is superior to fluorescent. But all LED fixtures are not the same. There is a wide range in quality of LEDs on the market. Below are key features to consider when FLUORESCENT I STANDARD LED I ECOBRITE to direct light source Uses constant current board for maximum energy efficiency Uses the highest quality, Lighting systems designed for specific display case applications Eliminates glare and dark spots through use of optics Contains materials harmful Consistent color and intensity "We made the switch to EcoBrite lighting systems to reduce...

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EcoBrite's Precision Optical Performance lighting is a product of Innovative Lighting, a leading company in design and manufacturing of quality LED lighting applications, development and solutions. Innovative Lighting takes pride in it's reputation as an LED expert, by continuously monitoring changes in LED chip technology As a result, the company is continually improving products to ensure customers have the best LED performance for their specific applications. The company designs, engineers and manufactures technically advanced and energy efficient LED lighting products for the marine,...

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