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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems Ltd.

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems Ltd. Inland and Coastal Marina Systems specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of marinas. Our clients include local and regional Government, Port and Fishery Authorities, Marina Operators, Sports and Recreational Clubs, Development Consortiums, Consulting Engineers, Architects and Main Contractors. Our dedicated and experienced team of staff can offer design guidance for floating marinas and provide solutions to satisfy our client’s specific requirements. Our integrated approach means that all criteria for a fully functioning marina are...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 3

Inland and Coastal Marina Systems Products WALKWAY & FINGER PONTOONS Our pontoon system is manufactured from galvanised steel with polystyrene floatation blocks encased in a glass fibre reinforced concrete skin. The decking options available are glass fibre reinforced concrete decking panels, timber, timber composite or glass reinforced plastic mesh. The fender options are hardwood, softwood, plastic or rubber. The ICMS pontoon structure is extremely robust and offers strength and stability even in the most onerous of conditions. Jolly Mariner, Athlone. Albert Marina, River Shannon, County...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 4

Decking (Optional) Technical Specification Sheet Walkway & Finger Pontoons STEEL Yellow Balau or Douglas Fir as standard (softwood or rubber fender available on request) M24 Galvanised Bolts through 50mm UV Stabilised Rubber Buffers Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Deck. PLASTIC/WOOD COMPOSITE Timber Decking. Floatation Blocks SKIN FILLING Galvanised Steel 500mm (approx.) STANDARD MINIMUM BUOYANCY Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Mesh. Timber Composite Deck. 10mm High Strength Sprayed GRC (glass-fibre reinforced concrete) Main Walkways – 1.2kN/m2 Finger Walkways – 1.0kN/m2

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 5

GLASS FIBRE REINFORCED CONCRETE DECK We manufacture our glass fibre reinforced concrete planks in-house. The main advantage of this decking system is that the additional weight offers the pontoon increased stability, over the wood or plastic decks, in harsher wave environments. The glass fibre reinforcement offers excellent corrosive resistant properties and the deck is also very hardworking with low maintenance requirements, hence is particularly suitable for use in a working environment. It is available in either grey or salmon pink. Technical Specification Sheet GRC (Glass-fibre...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 6

Heavy Duty Steel Framed Pontoon ICMS have developed a heavy duty steel pontoon with additional strength in the frame, continuous buoyancy and if required a higher freeboard. This pontoon is able to perform in hardworking and rugged environments. Fishing boats berthed on heavy duty pontoons. RNLI Berth Kilmore Quay with heavy duty steel frame and continuous buoyancy. Rubber D fender and bollards on heavy duty pontoons. Dunmore East Fishery Harbour – continuous floatation units along length of pontoon providing 800mm freeboard.

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 7

Mooring Options Pontoons can be restrained in place either by piles or a mooring system. Piles can either be 0 Piles (normally driven) or H Piles (normally fixed to a quay wall). ICMS can provide brackets either externally or internally to suit either piling option. For a mooring system either in chain or rope, ICMS can provide either brackets, extension legs (to increase draught) or an eye bolt to connect the mooring line to the pontoon. Picture of mooring bracket for connecting chain to pontoon. Picture of external pile guide for 0 Pile. Picture of internal pile guide for 0 Pile. Picture...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 8

Concrete Breakwater Units Our breakwaters are manufactured in-house to an ISO 9001 accredited quality system. The main function of the breakwaters is to attenuate waves to an acceptable level so that sheltered berthing can be provided where a fixed breakwater is not feasible. Breakwaters also offer clients the option to provide a berthing facility for boats in exposed conditions. The units are manufactured from Grade 60N20 reinforced concrete with internal polystyrene blocks. Given the severe environments that these units have to function in we pay particular emphasis to the enhancement of...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 9

Technical Specification Sheet Concrete Breakwater Units LIVE LOADING DESIGN CODES BS6349 (British standard code of practice for maritime structures) STEEL REINFORCEMENT To BS4449 and Hot-dip Galvanising to BS EN ISO 1461 Nominal Cover – 50mm (external surfaces); 35mm (internal surfaces) 6 x 10T SWL – 50T Breaking Load Stainless Steel Connectors (per joint) Yellow Balau or Douglas Fir SURFACE FINISH Top surface with non-slip finish Breakwaters Unit with GRC Bottom Skin providing protection to the polystyrene floatation units. Floatation BOTTOM SKIN (OPTIONAL) Grade 18/10/3 GRC (Glass-fibre...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 10

Breakwaters Features and Accessories 10T Mooring Bollards on deck of breakwater. MOORING SYSTEMS – Where a mooring system is used for restraint the ICMS breakwater offers a mooring box as standard, whereby the chain/rope can be fed from the deck level and held in a mooring box, substantially reducing the underwater work required from other systems such as mooring hooks. This system reduces installation times and provides the client with safer methods of work/maintenance. PILING SYSTEMS – On breakwaters restrained by a piling system, ICMS can offer clients the option of either an external or...

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 11

Gangways We can offer gangways in either steel or aluminium manufactured to the highest level of quality. Our gangways are decked with glass fibre reinforced plastic mini mesh which provides a non-slip finish. All gangways are individually customised to suit the range and type of motions and access control requirements. If required mesh panels can also be provided. We can also design and manufacture cantilever platforms and offer advice and guidance on the options available for clients who wish to provide disabled access/access for all. Steel gangways are galvanised and painted as standard....

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Inland & Coastal Marina Systems - 12

Technical Specification Sheet Access Gangways STEEL WELDING Black ‘Galvacoat’ Paint (Optional) M24 Galvanised Bolts – Grade 8.8 SIDE PANELS Gatehouse at Galway Harbour. Grade S235 (Aluminium available on request) 50mm x 50mm Mesh Panels (available on request) GFRP Decking DESIGN LIVE LOADING REINFORCEMENT Continuous Glass-fibre Strands SURFACE FINISH Silicon grits anti-slip surface COLOUR Mesh Panels on a ramp at Movanagher, River Bann, Co. Antrim. 2.5kN/m2 (Light Loading) or 4.0kN/m2 (Crowd Loading) Light Grey, Sand and Green Stainless Steel Clips and Screws Dimensions LENGTH 1.0m – 2.5m...

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