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news Following an encouragingly positive year-end turnover for 2012, the first 6 months of 2013 saw the Group committed to completing, with extremely tight schedules, important commissions both in Italy and abroad. In the second half of this year the company resumed its activity with less frenetic production and a renewed attention to developing the technical and commercial side of the business. In Italy there are already signs of recovery and opportunities abroad are certainly numerous for the company: their defining characteristics of design, independent production and commercial rigour set them apart, especially in foreign markets which are more demanding and selective. Their capacity to develop specialist ad hoc projects, including those outside the nautical sector, their consistent pursuit of innovation, combined with their expertise in managing large contracts as main contractor, have been well rewarded in a sector which is continuously evolving. Notwithstanding the general market instability, particularly in the marine sector, already completed projects and commitments over the next few months will see Ingemar closing the year positively and with sales volumes still slowly growing. Marina del Gargano at Manfredonia in the south of Italy with 700 berths, all on pontoons and fingers, and abroad Ayla Marina at Aqaba in Jordan, with over 3,000 metres of floating structures, represent Ingemar’s most important achievements in the tourist port sector. Their diligence within the field of specialist structures was rewarded with the construction of floating jetties for tugs and tourist boats at La Spezia and of floating platforms for the port of Monte Carlo and for the river Tigris in Irak. Innovation in the field resulted in the successful installation of new maxi floating breakwaters, 6m wide, at Port Gocek in Turkey. More recent acquisitions are the new and prestigious appointments for the all-concrete pontoons of the first marina at La’ala Sea City in Kuwait and for a series of special landings for the Coast Guard of Saudi Arabia. Ayla Marina - Aqaba, Jordan

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LA SPEZIA Piers for tugs and boats, breakwaters and pontoons for the yachtsmen Following a successful public tender procedure, Ingemar was commissioned by La Spezia Port Authority to provide a design for the reorganisation of the harbour structures for all working and operational vessels as well as for tourist moorings. The assignment consisted of a series of extremely intricate and diverse technical operations which meant yet again an important challenge for the company. Tugs with 750t displacement were originally moored on the Italia quay and these have now been moved to the Malaspina...

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GIORDANIA Aqaba: work finalised at Ayla Marina on the Red Sea 7,000 square metres of floating structures, pontoons and fingers, for an overall extent of 3,000 m represent the contribution by Ingemar to the colossal tourist project that Ayla Oasis Development Co. (part of the Saudi Astra group) is developing at Aqaba in southern Jordan. This was a complex and prestigious project and another successful assignment for Ingemar in the Middle East market. This new development, with a total surface area of approximately 460ha, will have lagoons and artificial islands as well as 5 luxury hotels...

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KUWAIT A new city with marinas facing onto the Arabian Gulf La’ala Al-Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, 85km south of Kuwait City, is a stunning project to be completed in 10 phases spanning 25 years. Made up of a series of canals and lagoons excavated from the Kuwaiti desert and creating in excess of 200 km of new coastline, Sea City will cover an area of 64km2 and will house over 100,000 people. Development of this huge project is being carried out by La’ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate for an estimated cost of over US$5 billion. Construction works began in 2003: at present infrastructures for the...

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MANFREDONIA (FG) 700 moorings now operational in the Marina del Gargano The new port was inaugurated on 18 July 2013 and most of the land-based structures were opened to the public as well as 350 moorings: the remainder of the marina, with all the structures and the 700 moorings, will be finished in a few months. The Marina del Gargano, close to the historic centre of Manfredonia, will be the new hub for yachting in the Mediterranean. Ingemar has completed their turnkey installation of pontoons for 2,250 Lm and 316 fingers which will accommodate boats up to 21m long. The pontoons, of 3m and...

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POLIGNANO A MARE (BA) Cala Ponte Marina, a marina tailored for yachtsmen The new Marina Resort of Polignano a Mare, “Perla dell’Adriatico” (“Pearl of the Adriatic”) and 30km to the south of Bari, lies below the clifftop city of Polignano and was once a small fishing port. The harbour has a large floating central wharf with three mooring fingers on each side and two fingers at right angles to the shoreline; the marina has approximately 320 moorings for boats up to 25m. The hardwood finishings along most of the quay, with pre-fabricated elements by Ingemar, ensures aesthetic uniformity with...

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TURCHIA Port Gocek: the new 6m breakwaters are successfully operative Research in the sector of floating breakwaters has always been directed towards extending the limits of their application and to improving their performance in terms of safety, durability and performance. It is exactly because of their background in the application of these innovative structures that work on the restoration and modernisation at the prestigious tourist port D-Marin Port Gocek, in the bay of Fethiye, has been undertaken by the proprietor D-Marin of the Dogus Group, where Ingemar has built a turnkey floating...

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PRINCIPATO DI MONACO New installations at Montecarlo In the wake of previous operations to substitute the old floating structures at Port Hercule, this year Ingemar has added a new mooring pontoon for SEPM and a new floating platform for the reception for the clientele of Monaco Marine. The pontoons are again of the all-concrete type: a solution with significant performance levels in terms of stability and liveload.The platform, complete with mooring fingers, is built with galvanized steel frames and discontinuous floating units so as to respect the geometric layout and the project’s...

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