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INGEMAR 2009 - 1

1979-2009: for thirty years we have been building over water Ingemar has completed 30 years of activity: in addition to its love for the Italian yachting industry is the knowledge that the company will continue to build ever more diverse and complicated projects over water - and not only in Italy These have been 30 years of constant growth thanks to successfully installed projects, design versatility constant attention to human resources and research Today Ingemar is a group of mdipendent production facilities where Ingemar concentrates on installation activities of its very complex projects, while Ingemar Trading & Services is focussed on the commercial aspects pertaining to the supply as well as financing and after sales services. It is probably these characteristics which, notwithstanding the current international crisis, have permitted very positive situation and can predict an increase in sales for the next financial year The past 12 months have been particularly successful because of diversification in their proposals, a capacity to operate as a general international sector In Italy the company installed new concrete floating pontoons in Jesolo, floating breakwaters 4 mt wide with wooden deck in Portoferraio and 3 mt wide with concrete finishing in Sapri as well La Spezia. In Marina di Stabia continuous floating pontoons. and pontoons for megayachts have been installed, followed by new heavy duty pontoons in Greece, We supplied discontinuous steel elements to Stora in Algeria and Our complete range of pontoons and floating breakwaters together with new elements in prefabricated fixed pontoons guarantees a concrete and reliable response to the current market demands. We are looking back with satisfaction and face the future with hope and entusiasmi.

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INGEMAR 2009 - 2

Floating dock for passenger boats in For the La Spezia Port Authorities, work is almost finished to construct docks and floating pontoons in the heart of the bay The work is aimed at attracting even more historic sailing vessels as well as facilitating public transport in the waters of the bay Ingemar's responsibility is to build a robust floating pier, more than 4 mts wide, for mooring passenger ferries as well as temporary moorings for vessels in transit. This is a tailor-made commission fora prestigious client, reinforcing Ingemar's presence in the Golfo dei Poeti and in the bay of La...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 3

Floating pontoons to enlarge the tourist port: a satisfactory choice The new berths in the marina are part of an ambitious programme to enlarge the receptive capacity of Porto Turistico di Jesolo on the Venetian Lagoon. It is an integral part of the city's renovation programme and boasts contributions from famous international architects, Carlos Ferrater and Zaha Hadid. This important and ambitious project is already in an advanced stage of completion and will mean an increase in the receptive capacity of the marina to 650 berths, mostly large yachts, port basin. On conclusion of the second...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 4

After Genoa and Venice, the Biograd Boat Show acquires Ingemar Following the successful experience of hiring pontoons in 2008, this year sees a final decision: the organisers of the International Biograd Boat Show have chosen Ingemar to supply the show's floating structures. As previously, the number of berths at Marina Kornati, which hosts the show, will be extended by supplying a long pontoon close to the reefs and the harbour entrance.The pontoons are anchored parallel to breakwater with a system of connecting rods and cables. Acknowledging the growing demands of the exhibitors, the...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 5

At Porto Mirabello moorings are on prefabricated fixed pontoons: a new solution by Ingemar to more traditional marinas Porto Mirabello is the only Italian marina with jetties built entirely at sea, on an artificial island of approximately 50,000 sq.mts., without infringeing any urban areas but integrating perfectly with the The high level of design and the exclusive port services demonstrate the very special attention paid to the needs of large, important yachts: the nearly 400 moorings, destined to receive superyachts. This is an imposing installation which, however, has created an unusual...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 6

A floating landing with breakwaters, Medici harbour This is a turn key operation of limited size which will give the Piombino Port Authorities new moorings in the Medici basin of Portoferraio, close to the Torre the ships of the Italian Navy, the Fire Brigade, the Financial Police, the Harbour Pilot and the Carabinieri.The moorings, some on mini-fingers, are positioned on floating pontoons and follow the outline of the coast: they are protected by two floating breakwaters and have decking and finishings in tropical hardwood so as to blend in with their surroundings. Ingemar's brief also...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 7

TIVAT (MONTENEGRO) Breakwaters and floating piers for mega yachts at Porto Montenegro, The tourist harbour of Porto Montenegro is situated in an ancient Austro-Hungarian naval base atTivat, a coastal town on the Bay of Kotor in the Adriatic - a UNESCO world heritage site. include a new, luxury Four Seasons hotel with 150 rooms, an 18 hole golf course between the harbour andTivat airport, apartment buildings with 250 apartments, housing, a conference centre, an art gallery a museum, sports facilities and shopping and various commercial activities. The finished layout of the port will include...

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INGEMAR 2009 - 8

Msida Marina completes its 20th anniversary with Ingemar pontoons still operational In 1989 Ingemar had already completed several installations abroad but their operations were still more or less confined to Italy International Machinery a Maltese company operating in the port supplies sector, provided the company with the chance to demonstrate their capabilities on the international stage. The Maltese Government organised an international tender to install floating pontoons in the Msida Creek at Valletta. For Ingemar this was a challenging opportunity to compete against the largest...

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