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INGEMAR 2008 - 1

Ingegnerìa Maríttí anniversary, Ingemar retains its leadership in a growing but ever more selective market in constant transformation.The company's independent design capacity production flexibility and vigorous commercial abilities have been rewarded with outstanding results. Ingemar is a competent, reliable has assumed the role of a sound technical partner for both Italian and foreign investors.Their sister company, Ingemar Trading & Services, has allowed them to develop commercial activities in the yachting world and ensured the necessary financial backing as well as guaranteeing efficient after-sales services. turnkey floating pontoons for the new Tourist Harbour at Loano achievement over the past months - more than 2,000 mts of continuous floating pontoons with fingers, which today typify the most modern Italian marinas. Tourist Port at Imperia, 502 at Lacco Ameno, on the island of Ischia, there is a new marina with Ingemar pontoons. The floating yacht headquarters Rome, the special landing ferries in Venice and on Italy's major rivers, are all examples ofi Ingemar's capacity fior building Floating breakwaters have found Taranto, Palau, Chioggia, Gallipoli Maggiore Lake. Exhibition pontoons for both the Genoa and Venice boat shows, recent co-operation with the boat show at Rijeka as well as numerous Gulf have all contributed to the position among the international leaders in this sector.

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INGEMAR 2008 - 2

A new landing at Marina di Levante Ingemar is well known in Grado: their first commission was in 1987 at Porto San Vito. Following installations at the San Marco docks, for the Valle Goppion association and theTenuta Primero Port, this year equipment for the Marina di Levante has been added. The strong Bora winds combined with anchorage to fixed pilings in deep waters have influenced the design and characteristics of the pontoons: they are of medium displacement and discontinuous floating type, and the fingers have lightweight floating units in rotomoldet polyethylene. Floating structures...

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INGEMAR 2008 - 3

Tourist port at Loano: 1, 100 new moorings on floating pontoons Marina di Loano SpA is part of the Fondiaria-SAI Group and administers the berths at the existing tourist port of Loano; it manages the current construction project for the port's enlargement which will cover a surface with moorings for 1,080 boats between The project includes the construction of buildings for commercial use with bars, restaurants, shops and services, a naval shipyard, the Harbour-Offices, a privât beach, an exclusive Yacht Club and covered/uncovered parking for 1,085 cars. Inauguration will take place in early...

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INGEMAR 2008 - 4

EVENTI SULL'ACQUA Boat shows and exhibitions: 2008 - a year of maximum visibility The year 2008 saw a further increase of Ingemar structures at the Boat Shows of Genoa and Venice, new collaboration with the Rijeka Boat Show in Croatia, Ingemar pontoons for the marine exhibits at Catania and Budva in Montenegro, as well as the Livorno Naval Academy Trophy and for the Historic Sailing Regatta at Imperia. It was also a year of maximum visibility for companies at all the prestigious international shows where Ingemar strengthened its leadership in the sector as supplier and technical sponsor for...

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INGEMAR 2008 - 5

The river Tiber: the new floating This was a prestigious and gratifying job for Ingemar: a turnkey operation in conjunction with Technorestau ri with whom the company has already worked for other commissions on theTiber. The 390 sq mt structure, built out over the water, has a gym and boat storage on the ground floor and on the upper floor offices, services and a solarium. Downstream the building is connected to a second floating platform for the Ingemar in action at Lacco Ameno, A number of previous works have established Ingemar as supplier to the most prestigious landing on the island....

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INGEMAR 2008 - 6

The use of floating breakwaters has been a determining factor in the expansion of the receptive capacity at the Cantiere The structures at the historic shipyard close to Cape San Vito are exposed to short steep wave motion which forms inside the basin of the Mar Grande when Mistral wind blow.These are ideal conditions for floating breakwaters which, at Taranto, have proved to be solid and efficient in protecting the floating port constructed in 2004 along the seashore of the historic town centre facing the Mar Piccolo.The structures comprise anchored by chains and sinkers, which encircle...

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INGEMAR 2008 - 7

Tourist port at Imperia: another operation at Porto Maurizio The Porto di Imperia SpA was formed dedication of the local administration and important local entrepreneurs with the aim of constructing a large marina which would enhance the outstanding In 2006 a series of improvements were begun: the final go-ahead for construction and the excellent choice of Acqua Pia Antica Marcia, owned by Francesco Caltagirone, for entrepreneurial backup. acquired a branch of the company Imperia Mare SpA, which had run the development of the port basin from 198 I ; they assumed administration of this...

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INGEMAR 2008 - 8

pontoons at Palau and Marina In 1985 the Sardinian Regional Authority were the first in Italy to bring in a five-year programme to convert disused commercial ports to tourist harbours. Important regional investments in the following years have allowed Sardinia to create an efficient network The use of floating pontoons at the time was generally restricted to yachting clubs but their mobility, flexibility and durability combined with their adaptability were The first installations were in the ports of Palau and Marina Piccola. At Palau the use of fingers is unique in the public works'...

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