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Pontoons and construction over the water Genoa Boat Show - Ingemar Technical Sponsor

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The Company was established in 1979 with the specific aim of designing and supplying floating pontoons for tourist harbours and in producing lay-outs for the optimal use of port space. The experience gained in dealing with problems posed by floating structures and the marine environment permitted the progressive expansion of the Company’s interests beyond the marine sector. Today INGEMAR, together with their commercial sister company Ingemar Trading & Services, designs, constructs and instals fixed piers, floating pontoons and breakwaters, specialist platforms, floating bridges, equipment...

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NAUTICAL EQUIPMENT INGEMAR specialises in the construction and installation of equipment and services which ensure the highest operational standards of tourist harbours. • Floating pontoons • Fingers and mini-fingers • Floating docks • Mooring systems • Fixed piers and quays • Floating breakwaters • Harbour services Khiran Marine - Kuwait FLOATING PONTOONS Floating pontoons are now standard both in modern marinas and in re-structured existing harbours, thanks to their adaptability, durability and practical uses.The relative insignificance of depth, speed of construction, the possibility of...

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FLOATING DOCKS The modules are composed of linked pontoons of various types, properly modified and reinforced to comply with specific operating conditions.The large dimension of the modules, their very high displacement and notable free board height, assure a comfort fully comparable to fixed piers. These piers are destined for moorings in large harbours, as well as on lakes, where they guarantee an appreciable reduction in surface wave motion. New marina, Genoa Boat Show 2005 FINGERS AND MINI-FINGERS Mooring on fingers, indispensable where there are tidal fluctuations, are much appreciated...

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FLOATING BREAKWATERS Marina del Fezzano, Portovenere, La Spezia (Italy) Porto Montenegro,Tivat - (Montenegro) Traditional breakwaters are generally constructed of enormous concrete blocks forming reefs impossible in deep waters - and are permanent, rigid structures. The benefits of overcoming these limitations with cheaper and more flexible solutions, prompted INGEMAR to seek new possibilities using floating structures.Their experience in this field means that floating breakwaters can be installed in already protected conditions, such as lakes, sheltered ports and harbours, and where...

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HARBOUR SERVICES A complete and up to date equipment system is now generally a must in all large sized marinas, but the most basic services are also needed in minor tourist landing stages. INGEMAR’s activities also extend to designing, installing and providing technical assistance for the distribution of water, energy, lighting and firefighting equipment, harbour management and environmental services. INGEMAR’s production also includes various models of service bollards and fire hose units designed to be functional and comply with the latest and most stringent regulations. WALKWAYS AND...

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SPECIAL STRUCTURES The experience INGEMAR has acquired in the construction of floating structures, as well as its great design flexibility, has given the company the necessary technical know-how to to produce new solutions in solving the specific problems posed by sport and tourism, industry and transport. Sport and leisure time: • Platforms for service centres • Floating stages • Floating restaurants • Racing equipment • Bathing platforms Industry: • Pumping stations • Pontoons for carrying electrodes • Pontoons for fishing boats • Floating barriers Ponte del Redentore, Canale della...

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INGEMAR srl a socio unico Registered offices and administration P.zza IV Novembre, 4 - 20124 Milano - Tel. 02 67078528 - Fax 02 67380242 - Factory, technical and commercial offices Via Martin Luther King, 50 - 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV) Italy - Tel. 0422 702412 - Fax 0422 820673 - Venice Boat Show Ingemar Technical Sponsor

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