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CATALOGUE 2010 - 2

World-class Inflatable Rafts & Kayaks Silver-i Design +64 (0)6 347 9119 “Rivers made runnable…”

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 3

Incept was founded 20 years ago when John, Alastair and Philip Booth built their first inflatable Stowaway yacht tenders and sport boats. John had been developing raft designs throughout the 1980's and the commercial success of the business was assured in 1990 when INCEPT came out with the first W46S Whitewater raft, which in two years became the default standard commercial raft on New Zealand rivers when rafting was in its hey day. Since those days INCEPT has been working not only on the technology, design, materials and quality of the rafts, but became New Zealand's prime manufacturer of...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 4

HF (High Frequency) Welding This is a process that applies a radio- frequency held across multiple elastomer components under pressure and which causes them to melt across the interface and weld together. It is quick and extremely reliable. Think of D-ring fittings, canoes - kayaks with internal baffle constructions, and self-bailing floors. Hot Air Welding INCEPT uses the latest state-of-the-art American rotary welding equipment for rapid and reliable welding of all inflatable tubes. A jet of extremely hot air (which will set paper alight) is directed between two panels of elastomer boat...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 5

RAFTS Photo: Rangitata Rafts INCEPT rafts are world class whitewater inflatables and are used on every continent and many island nations where wild rivers bring challenge and adventure to rafting enthusiasts at all levels. “I did get to row my W38 solo yesterday it was a blast…we have fun surfing all season in my INCEPTs. [The] Squareback 12’ 6”… that raft tracks, surfs, and I do pop-out enders with it, that boat is bomb proof. I have guides that don’t want to boat anything but INCEPT… Think of me as your ambassador here on the North Umpqua and I am not shy to say how good your boats are.”...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 6

INCEPT WHITEWATER RAFTS From 18-foot expedition rafts for the biggest flowing rivers to 8-foot rafts packable to your favourite fishing spots, INCEPT has a raft for everyone. INCEPT Whitewater Inflatable rafts are designed to provide optimum waterllne shape. What this means Is that the raft sponson and self-balling floor have been carefully styled and constructed In a manner unique to INCEPT so as to give you, the user, exceptional handling and stability with extremely good carry-through In holes and stoppers. WE MAKE THE BEST RAFTS AND WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU TO PROVE IT. Any owner will tell...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 7

Standard features Whitewater rafts Angled thwarts INCEPT's unique self-bailing floor exceptional performance. double-thread PES floor base. Heavyweight isoogsm Polyurethane alloy / 1880 dtex double-thread PES quarter panel wrap. • High performance floors INCEPT have developed uniquely tapered self-bailing inflatable boat floors for all models of l/l/Me wafer rafts. If you look closely you will see the smooth transition from the base of the floor right through on to the sponson. The result is that there are no hard "edges" which will catch in cross currents and flip your boat. No other brand...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 8

Raft material INCEPT has worked with the most reputed Western suppliers to develop and select the best and most appropriate inflatable boat materials in polyurethanes and (for smaller craft) pvc's. Ten different qualities of material are used for the raft construction in order to achieve optimal performance, exceptional durability and reduced weight. (Two of these are internal structural materials, baffles and will not be described). Raft material specifications • Raft accessories • Permanent company signage INCEPT offers a range of useful accessories that will make your life on INCEPT...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 9

Whitewater Double Enders INCEPT Whitewater Double Enders are exceptional performers INCEPT Double-Ender (symmetrical) Inflatable Rafts are high-end industry standard; outwardly the conventional river raft shape but having exceptional dynamic performance in all classes of water. INCEPT's 11 footer and the first of the Whitewater range. This petite double ended self-bailer is well suited to the private boater on smaller rivers up to Class 4. Popular with families, colleges and youth groups, the W33 is tough but light and easy to handle, and easy to stow for fly-in wilderness trips. A 6-person...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 10

Technical data W33, W39 and W43 also offered in lighter, high quality boat PVC version. Colour options Standard Raft: Red, Yellow, Blue. Expedition Rafts: Red, Yellow.

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 11

Whitewater Square Backs INCEPT Square Back Inflatable Rafts excel in extreme water The rear guide sits closer to the water which gives better control. The longer bow, the longer waterline and the crew weight being slightly back allow the raft to punch through holes, navigate bigger drops, give speed and tracking with minimal effort, and maintain easy control. INCEPT's 6-person raft is well suited to the private boater and to outfitters on smaller rivers. It works equally well as an oar rig or paddle boat and Is used commercially In many parts of the world. The W44 square-back raft Is wider...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 12

Why INCEPT has square-back rafts in the Whitewater range • Square-backs have longer bows for longer waterline (less drag), better underside water-approach contours and better speed • The square-back has a shorter and lower stern for a better water- exit contour and because the guide is closer to the water gives easier and more control • On a square-back raft the crew weight is set back of centre for more effective punching through drops, holes and stoppers in river W38 is also offered in lighter, high quality boat PVC version. Colour options Standard Rafts: Red, Yellow, Blue. Expedition...

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CATALOGUE 2010 - 13

Developed from roll-up yacht tenders, the Gull G25 Otaki and G29 Waipawa inflatable rafts have been fitted with armoured sponson wraps (tube undersides) and true INCEPT self-bailing floors. These amazingly fun inflatable rafts on Class 3 rivers are tough, good performers and very stable in cross flows. The G25S and G29S inflatable rafts are ideal for 2 and 3 persons with or without camping gear, and very suitable Technical data For more information, visit the INCEPT website. for exploring river headwaters. Small enough to be back-packable, the size of the Gull rafts makes Class 3 rapids as...

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