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Side-Power Stabilizers

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Stabilizer Systems Verified Stabilizer "The elegantly curved fin better suits many of the modern hull forms to which stabilizers are - Dame Award jury validation - OVERALL WINNER

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“It`s quite a beautiful piece of engineering that will sit under the water and most people won`t see!” - Bill Dixon - Jury Chairman, Dame Awards 2013

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Side-Power Stabilizers What can they do for me and why do I need them? First of all, while most products available of various technologies and levels of efficiency are called stabilizers, the term itself is perhaps a little misleading. What they really do is reduce the roll movement of a vessel but not very much of the pitch, sway, yaw or heave movements you get on a vessel in waves. Luckily, in most situations, the roll is by far the more dominant and most uncomfortable motion, so reducing roll by a good percentage will make a huge difference in comfort and safety on board. So, at least if...

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Research & Development In our focus to develop the best products for the marine market, we continuously invest to make all our products even better, especially in going further in integrating systems as well as making systems for larger yachts and commercial applications. To ensure the best possible quality in product development, we have built a dedicated 58 ft test vessel with a top speed of 37 knots. The boat functions as floating lab, fully loaded with advanced sensors and logging facilities for data collection and analysis. During thousands of test hours, we have taken the time to...

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What do stabilizers do? Stabilizer systems have been around for a long time, but typically only used on larger passenger ships and super yachts. However, the dramatically increased comfort and usability of any boat have, made owners of also smaller leisure vessels wish for this. By reducing the uncomfortable rolling motion of the boat up to 95%, you get a lot of advantages: • Increased comfort on board - More use of the boat as you can go out in more weather conditions. - People that easily get seasick can now enjoy boating. - Less wear and tear of the boat as you do not have to always head...

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Introducing a revolutionary generation of fin stabilizers Fin stabilizers is the only system that handle well both cruising and «at anchor» use, with the «at anchor» stabilization force deciding the size of the fins. Larger fins provide more stabilization force, but also create more drag which equals higher fuel consumption, especially at higher speeds, an important point for most boat owners. Larger fins also means that the internal components grow in size, making it difficult to install them in an optimal position which in turn can result in the stabilizers having negative side-effects...

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How can Vector finsTM be so much better? Vector fins™ simply re-direct the force direction/force vectors to a direction where more of the force will benefit roll reduction and less will spent on the negative side-effects of yaw and sway that is hurts the boats handling and comfort. The vertical concave shape of the fin, makes the net force directions, both in cruising and in at anchor situations to be re-directed so that they work more “up/down” instead of just parallel to the hull angle. But there is more, by changing the net force angle, this also increase the leverage arm around the...

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SPS55 Actuator - the most compact fin stabilizer actuator ever! The new SPS55 actuators for the vector fins™ are incredibly compact and silent, designed to fit in the small available spaces in modern boats below 20m/70ft where living space is strongly prioritized. The SPS55 actuators have been designed to satisfy the needs of owner operated vessels with a total focus on reliability and hassle free operation, as well as ensuring a quiet operation as they will mostly be installed below the floor in living spaces. Symmeltrically balanced All wet parts in stainless steel Rack & pinion drive...

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SPS66 / 92 / 93 Actuators - silent and reliable construction! The height inside the boat is a key factor to allow for installation in modern boats. The SPS66 / SPS92 and SPS93 is typically 25% to 75% lower than others. Side-Power actuators for the vector fins™ are constructed for easy installation and minimal noise reproduction. Non-moving attachment points for hydraulic hoses Dual hydraulic cylinder setup Lifetime lubricated spherical bearings All moving hydraulic connections are pref itted Technical design benefits: • Precision machining and assembly secures a long lifetime and...

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Material Type Fin actuator assembly may be installed in any convenient radial 360° position in the hull. Copyright All rights reserved Stabilizer Systems 510 (+ fittings in both ends) + 510 (+ fittings inbothends) Fittings in both ends Stabilizer Systems 510 (+ fittings in both ends) 510 (+ fittings in both ends) Stabilizer Systems Fin actuator assembly may be installed in any convenient radial 360° position in the hull. Designed by Copyright All rights reserved *Complete actuator assembly, per side Copyright All rights reserved Fins have zero weight in water Patent pending...

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Fin actuator assembly may be installed H in any convenient radial 360° posision in the hull. D D Designed by Copyright All rights reserved Fin actuator assembly may be inposition in the hull. SIDE-POWER Stabilizer Systems Material Type Copyright All rights reserved Fin actuator assembly may be installed stalled in any convenient radial 360o in any convenient radial 360° posision in the hull. Material Type Copyright All rights reserved Vektor Vinge med aksel SPS65-F1050 Fins have zero weight in water *Complete actuator assembly, per side Stabilizer Systems Material Type

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All Side-Power products fulfill the requirements of the ­ elevant CE-directives. r Visit our web pages and learn more! Worldwide sales and service Please visit our website for your closest dealer Fin_stabilizers_August_2014_©_Sleipner Motor AS_ Patent pending PCT/NO2013/050067 The Permanent Seasickness Cure

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