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Anchoring Systems

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What you need to know about installing an anchoring system HOW TO SELECT A WINDLASS A guide to choosing the windlass that’s best for your needs LOFRANS WINDLASSES Vertical Electric Windlasses Horizontal Electric Windlasses Manual Windlass Vertical Capstans MUIR WINDLASSES Vertical Electric Windlasses Mega Yacht Windlasses Horizontal Electric Windlasses Control Boxes & Breakers ANCHOR ROLLERS REFERENCE GUIDE ANCHOR CHAIN & RODES Handheld Remote Controls

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Your source for complete anchoring systems. When you choose Imtra for your anchoring solutions, you can relax and enjoy impeccable performance, superior reliability and total peace of mind. At each step, Imtra provides you with the product selection, expertise and customer support that make all the difference. We start by searching the world for the very best products, including windlasses from Lofrans and Muir, two brands recognized by boatbuilders for their quality and innovative engineering. In addition to windlasses, we offer a full range of switchgear and...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS What you need to know about installing an anchoring system. With so much investment literally riding on your boat’s anchoring system, it’s essential to understand the basics of anchoring and the components you will need to complete a fully-integrated, high performance system. A well thought-out anchoring system will help make boating easier, safer, and more enjoyable for years to come. Most windlasses are operated by these simple deck-mounted switches. High-amperage models can operate a windlass without a control box. Low-amperage models make a good choice for...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Photo: Cabo Yachts Toggles and Panel Controls Many boats offer control panels to operate a windlass from the helm station. Whether you choose a simple up/down toggle or a full-function, chain-counting panel-mount control system, Imtra has a control for you. Handheld Remotes Add-ons like handheld remotes can make operating your windlass so much easier. Fully watertight, these convenient controls allow you to move about the boat while controlling the windlass. They are even available wired or wireless and some with built-in chain counters and LED flashlights! p.44...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Which windlass is the best for The right anchor windlass makes all the difference. The anchor windlass on your boat allows you to handle even the most difficult anchoring situations safely and with complete peace of mind. Choosing the right size and type of windlass for your vessel is the key to trouble-free boating. Several factors play an important role when selecting a windlass: vessel type and size, displacement, anchor and chain size, and the anchoring environment. Photo: Pearson Yachts The range of available models includes horizontal and vertical, manual,...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Photo: Krogen Express my boat? Here are the most important things to consider before you buy. Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Locations Vertical windlasses place the chainwheel on a vertical drive shaft above the gearbox and motor, which are mounted below deck. The “topworks” can thus be lower in profile. Vertical windlasses Vertical Windlass often retrieve combination rope/chain rodes. The anchor rode should lead Good to the windlass parallel with the plane of the chainwheel for best results. The lead should be within 5 degrees of level to the chainwheel for the...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS LOFRANS WINDLASSES Photo: Intrepid Yachts What sets Lofrans apart. Lofrans – for three generations a worldwide reputation for engineering excellence. Lofrans was founded in 1966 in Monza, Italy, with a determined focus: to design and manufacture the highest quality anchor windlasses at competitive pricing. Over the years, this commitment, along with technical expertise and innovation, has led to impressive results. Today, Lofrans is a world leader in the manufacturing of inshore and offshore anchor windlasses. A large base of customers _ from yachtsmen to prominent...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Vertical or horizontal, electric or manual – Lofrans has it! LOFRANS WINDLASS SELECTION GUIDE Lofrans manufactures recreational windlasses to fit vessels from 20'-105' in length. Use this chart as a basic guide to help determine which type and model is best for you. Vertical Project 500 Project 1000 Project 1500 Project 2000 LOFRANS WINDLASSES Horizontal Dorado Kobra Cayman Tigres Falkon Titan Manual Royal PLEASE NOTE: Recommendations for model selection by yacht length are intended for guidance purposes only; actual selection should be made after consulting with...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS LOFRANS WINDLASSES Project 500 Vertical rope/chain windlass for boats under 33'. The Project 500 can handle setting a lunch hook or an all chain rode in a heavy squall with power to spare. Offered with 500w or 700w motor. Standard Equipment Two footswitches Watertight control box Clutch release handle Neoprene mounting gasket Deck stud clearance allowance 1" (500W): Dual Direction, Permanent Magnet (700W): Dual Direction, Permanent Magnet Stainless Worm Drive Radially Adjustable Mounting Hardware SS Studs, Washers and Nuts Manual Override Rope Capstan Additional Deck...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS Vertical electric windlasses in low profile or capstan versions. Project 1000 Vertical rope/chain windlass for boats from 23'-46'. The Project 1000 is a robust, powerful rope/chain windlass capable of managing all chain rodes for bluewater cruisers and coastal cruisers alike. Standard Equipment L O F R A N S F R A N S A S IS ED L A S S E S LO WINDL W N S Two footswitches Watertight control box Clutch/manual operation handle Neoprene mounting gasket Deck stud clearance allowance 13/4" Features Finish Chrome Stainless Worm Drive Radially Adjustable Dual Direction,...

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IMTRA ANCHORING SYSTEMS LOFRANS WINDLASSES Photo: Hylas Yachts Project 1500 Vertical rope/chain windlass for boats from 39'-59'. The Project 1500 is available with a variety of motor and gypsy combinations and low profile models feature Lofrans’ lockable clutch system. Standard Equipment Two footswitches Watertight control box Clutch/manual operation handle Neoprene mounting gasket Deck stud clearance allowance 23/4" Features Finish Dual Direction, Series Wound Stainless Worm Drive Radially Adjustable SS Studs, Washers and Nuts Manual Override Standard Optional Extra Deck Clearance...

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