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Impact Subsea is proud to present the ground breaking ISFMD: the most advanced and reliable acoustic Flooded Member Detection system available today. Suitable for Diver or ROV use, the ISFMD utilises a broadband composite transducer probe together with an advanced digital acoustic engine to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability in readings. Through the use of advanced acoustics, the ISFMD system removes the logistical, health and safety issues commonly associated with gamma ray based Flooded Member Detection systems. An optional ISD4000 Depth Sensor can be added to the system to automatically record depth of each check point. All readings are shown visually in the seaView software package. A final report of all readings taken is automatically generated - ensuring all data is accurately recorded. Features seaView Software Titanium Probe Integrated AHRS Multi-Echo Output Depth Benefits System Components: Visualise all readings & generate a survey report Highly robust and long lasting sensor probe Understand exact orientation of probe at time of contact reading Visualise return if flooded member is detected Using the ISD4000, log the depth & temperature at point of reading seaView FMD App ISD4000 Depth Sensor* Topside Power Supply* Probe Holder

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Range Resolution Beam Angle Signalling Pulse Length 0.1 to 30m (Maximum range dependant on member type) 1mm 6° conical in water Monotonic Automatic Probe Physical Communications & Power Digital Protocol Analogue Fresh Water) Depth Rating 6,000m (Titanium) Data Data Rate Input Voltage Power (No Altitude) Power (With Altitude)* -20 to 50° storage Connector Subconn MCBH8M-SS other options available Specifications subject to change in line with product enhancements.

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