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HOSS ALLSS PTZ Ultra Low Light CameraPAN. TILT & ZOOM LL MONOCHROME CAMERA STATION - 0465-6002 In-Service Navy Proven The Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS PTZ ultra low light monochrome CCTV camera station makes up the core of the Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) which has built an excellent reputation in providing the bridge with real time CCTV monitoring even in very low light conditions. The HOSS zoom camera comprises a high sensitivity monochrome CCD video camera coupled to a 10:1 zoom lens, protected by a sealed, nitrogen purged, aluminium housing. A thermostatically controlled heated window helps to disperse external condensation. A Radar Cross Section Reduced (RCSR) shroud is also fitted around the camera as part of the assembly. The 316 stainless steel pan & tilt unit provides continuous rotate and a ±70° tilt range. It also features fully enclosed cable routing to reduce overall footprint and improve safety and reliability. Cable entry can be from the side or fully concealed underneath. As well as the standard analogue CVBS interface an advanced IP option is also available. With H.264 and MJPEG compatibility, multiple streams can be simultaneously transmitted in either of these formats at different resolutions, frame rates, and image qualities for versatile platforms. The ONVIF compliant IP camera can easily be integrated into standard IP network based systems. For surface ship applications the HOSS PTZ camera is typically installed above decks overlooking the helideck, or flight deck. A standard camera cable assembly and below decks junction box for termination of ships cables is also included. The HOSS PTZ camera station has been fully qualified to meet the stringent US Navy requirements of MIL-STD-901D "Hammer" shock test as well as the Above Decks surface ships limits for MIL-STD-416F EMI. AVIATION | DIVING | ENGINEERING | SUBSEA MECHANICAL | SUBSEA ELECTRONICS | CCTV | TOPSIDE | WORKSHOP imerica SMART SOLUTIONS

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0465-6002 / 0465-6002IPTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Performance, Electrical & Network! Specification subject to change without any further notice AVIATION | DIVING | ENGINEERING | SUBSEA MECHANICAL | SUBSEA ELECTRONICS | CCTV | TOPSIDE | WORKSHOP imericaSMART SOLUTIONS

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