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Slim Buoyant Handheld DSC TransceiverVHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER with DSC IC-M93D EURO 2.3” large high visibility LCD Slim buoyant DSC transceiver Intuitive user interface Built-in class D DSC with a CH70 receiver Float’n flash and MOB auto set function Integrated GNSS receiver Active noise canceling • IPX7 waterproof • Navigation function • 50 waypoint memories • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions • Favorite channel function • AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker • Supports 4-digit channels * Available functions may be subject to local regulations. Supplied...

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VHF Handheld Transceivers Slim, Lightweight with High Performance Compact Marine VHF with 100 PMR Channels VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER Slim, lightweight, and high performance Large LCD and intuitive user interface USB charging (Micro-B USB type) Buoyant with flashing LED light 11 hours of long operating time 5 W RF output, 550 mW clear audio • IPX7 waterproof protection • Dual watch and Triwatch function • Instant access to Ch 16 and call channel • Favorite channel function • Auto scan function* • AquaQuake™ • 2 step power save • Built-in 3 hours rapid charger (with BC-217SE) • Optional...

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For Marine ChannelsFor PMR Channels ATEX Intrinsically Safe Marine Channels IVHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER IC-M87ATEX (1 W) ATEX Intrinsically Safe PMR Channels VHF TRANSCEIVER 1C—F51 ATEX (i w) IECEx/ATEX InrinsicallySafe Digital Radio I VHF TRANSCEIVER IC-F3202DEXiw) UHF TRANSCEIVER (1 W) ATEX Certifications Gas: II 2G Ex ib IIAT3 Gb (Tamb=-20°C to +55°C) Tough and compact body Marine and land channel groups 22 programmable land channels ^ Built-in voice scrambler • IPX7 waterproof protection • Dual watch and Triwatch functions • Instant access to Ch 16 and call channel • Auto power save • Auto...

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VHF Fixed Mount Transceivers 4.3 inch Colour TFT LCD, Built-in AIS Receiver and Flexible Remote Control Configurations VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER AIS plotter Night mode Wide viewing angle, high contrast 4.3 inch colour TFT LCD Remote control with up to three COMMAND HEADTM/COMMANDMICTM Integrated AIS receiver (AIS RX data can be output through NMEA 0183-HS) NMEA 2000TM connectivity Intuitive user interface Class leading receiver performance (Selectivity and IMD: 80 dB typ.) Active noise canceling Last call voice recording for two minutes Voice scrambler with optional UT-112/A 15 W loud audio...

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VHF Fixed Mount Transceivers VHF and AIS/GPS Receiver Combo with NMEA 2000™ Connectivity Integrated AIS Receiver NMEA 2000™ connectivity 2 minutes last call voice recording Intuitive user interface Active noise canceling Built-in GPS receiver (GPS antenna supplied) 15 W loud audio and 25 W two-way hailer Optional COMMANDMIC™, HM-195 series IPX8 advanced waterproof (1 m depth water for 60 minutes) Built-in Class D DSC Meets ITU-R M493-14 spec • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions • Instant access to Ch 16 and Call channel • Tag scan and favorite channel functions • AquaQuake™ • Priority scan...

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IP ADVANCED RADIO SYSTEM Full-Duplex Communication That Works Over a Wireless LAN and IP Network System Features Wireless Communication System among Ship Crews Individual, Group or Area Communication Hands-free, Full-duplex Communication with Optional Earphone-mic or Headset Interconnect between VHF Marine Transceiver and Public Address System Wireless LAN Access Point AP-90M Public Address System IP Communication Terminal IP100H Controller IP1000C Wireless LAN Access Point • Licence-free communication terminal using IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standards • WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption • IPX7...

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Global Maritime Distress and Safety System The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is the International radio safety system for ships mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The GMDSS system provides automated distress alerting and distress communication service with location information. Class A DSC VHF Radio with Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT LCD Night mode GREEN: NORMAL RED BLINK:ERROR Reliable Long Distance MF/HF Communication MF/HF MARINE TRANSCEIVER AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER AT-141

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Meets VHF GMDSS requirements for SOLAS ships Certified for European Maritime Equipment Directive (MED) ITU Class A DSC Large and high contrast 4.3-inch colour TFT LCD Intuitive user interface for straightforward operation 10 W audio output power with external speaker Dedicated DSC watch receiver for continuous Channel 70 monitoring • Printer connector (D-SUB 25-pin) • VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)/External speaker connector • IEC 61162-1 input/output • Superior sound quality with a wide frequency range and a flat frequency response • Optional handset, HS-98 (#16) • IPX7 waterproof for front...

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Options for Handheld Transceivers BATTERY CASES BP-251*1 MODEL NAME BP-291 BATTERY PACKS BP-227AX (Li-ion) BP-227AXD (Li-ion) BP-277EX (Li-ion) BP-285 (Li-ion) LR6 (AA)×5 cells LR03 (AAA)×5 cells For intrinsically safe radios For intrinsically safe radios For intrinsically safe radios 7.2 V/1485 mAh (min.) 7.2 V/2100 mAh (min.) 7.4 V/940 mAh (min.) 7.2 V/1910 mAh (min.) 2010 mAh (typ.) 7.4 V/1850 mAh (min.) 7.4 V/1850 mAh (min.) 7.4 V/1800 mAh (min.) 1570 mAh (typ.) 2250 mAh (typ.) 980 mAh (typ.) 1950 mAh (typ.) 1950 mAh (typ.) 1900 mAh (typ.)) (On-board use only) *1 The IC-M35 floats when...

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: Not applicable The IC-M87 ATEX Intrinsically Safe model should only be used with the specified Intrinsically Safe approved options. Some options may not be available in some countries. Please ask your dealer for details.

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Options for IP Advanced Radio System BATTERY PACKS MODEL NAME BP-271 (Li-ion) BP-272 (Li-ion) BATTERY CASE RAPID CHARGER MULTI-CHARGER SPEAKER-MICROPHONES EARPHONE-MICROPHONES BP-273 HEADSETS (Full-duplex operation) HEADSETS (Simplex operation) MODEL NAME HS-102 HS-94 HS-85 HS-95 HS-97 Earphone type Over-the-head type with PTT switch Earhook type with Behind-theboom microphone head type (Use with OPC-2006LS or OPC-2328) (Use with OPC-2006LS or OPC-2328) (Use with OPC-2006LS or OPC-2328) AC ADAPTERS MODEL NAME BC-207S Throat microphone type PLUG ADAPTER CABLES OPC-2006LS OPC-2144 OPC-2359...

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