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C/Lajes de Pico, 13-36940 Cangas - Pontevedra 986 303972 678553303 GMDSS electrical panel according to the Maritime Radio Regulations. (R.D. 1185/2006) Approved and recognized by the radio inspection of the D.G.M.M .. The system guarantees the maintenance of communications on board in case of failure in the total or partial power supply automatically and manually, monitoring the power status of both power circuits and activating the corresponding alarms if necessary, thus complying with the regulations valid. AUTO operating mode: 1 - In AUTO mode the system feeds from the service battery provided that said battery has more than 11 or 22v according to version, otherwise it switches to the reserve battery (GMDSS), this switching is done without interruption in communications, both in the radio transmission and in the GPS receptior indicating visual and acoustic failure of supply. 2 - If the system switched to the GMDSS battery and the GMDSS battery itself did not responc adequately (Battery discharged, short circuit, etc.) the system would maintain power from the service battery or the battery in better condition 3 - In case of power failure the system switches to the GMDSS battery even if the panel itself a fails. The Panel consists of 4 visual alarms and 1 common acoustic: - Battery charging failure GMDSS - Alternator charging failure (optional connection) - Battery voltage drop GDMSS - Voltage drop in service battery. MANUAL operating mode: In manual mode the panel feeds directly from the GMDSS battery. The power of Radio, GPS, Light and auxiliary outputs depend on this battery regardless of the state of the service battery. The consumption and voltage monitoring is maintained. PANEL DE CONTROL GMDSS Ibericamar Quick and easy installation and testing. It does not need shunts or adjustments. Plug-in power terminals for easy connection. Compact installation, small dimensions for fitting in bulkhead or surface box Components: ' 2 Digital voltmeters (Simultaneous voltage control of both batteries) ' 2 digital ammeters (loading and unloading the GMDSS battery) and service battery discharge ' 1 Waterproof selector (Manual / Off / Auto.). ' 1 Internal acoustic alarm. ' 4 Visual alarms. ' 3 watertight switches with thermal and pilot protection (Radio, GPS and Light). ' 3 Magneto thermal circuit breakers E-T-A for manual assembly and reassembly (Load, Bat GMDSS, Bat Service, IP65 protection optional). ' 1 Watertight Reset Pushbutton (Silence the acoustic alarm of all alarms). ' 1 Output for external fault alarm in service battery (1A). ' 1 Output for external load failure alarm (1A). ' 1 Alternator load signal input (24 and 12v). ' 1 Stainless steel panel with logo and customizable language. Main features: * Supply 12 / 24v according to version * 5 Power outputs with thermal protection (vhf-gps-light-aux1-aux2). Total 15A max. * Battery Charge GMDSS 15Amax. * Voltage drop <1% * Fitting dimensions 180 X 130mm * Maximum dimensions 200 x 145 mm

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