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On a successful course since 1969 Born in Vigo in 1969, Ibercisa has become a world player in just over 40 years in the field of naval machinery diversifying in both its production, its markets and objectives. Today the Company sells its products in over 45 countries.

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Worldwide Players Ibercisa has assigned a sizeable budget to Getting Greener update its production systems. The acquisition Respect for the environment is an aspect of machinery is a significant investment for which the Company has integrated into its the Company which is intent upon innovation manufacturing and administrative systems, and modernization of all its facilities. conscious as we are of the relevance of The Company has CNC machinery such as environmental policies in today's world, and milling machines with 5 shafts or a lathe our adherence to legal requisites goes beyond...

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Escort Combined Anchor & Towing Winch Country: Italy More than 300 tugboats working worldwide Shetland Islands Council The Shetland Islands Council acquired two Towing winches from Ibercisa for its C-471 and C-472 hulls. The Electrically driven Towing Winch- Escort type was installed on the newly named ECO-TUGS. Ibercisa also supplies Power Pack to drive hydraulic winches and other on board consumers such as cranes, towing pins, shark jacks, frames, etc., both by means of electro hydraulic group or pumps connected to PTO. The sizes and powers are adapted to the oil flows and working Power...

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IBERCISA manufactures winches for Oceanic & Port tugboats (Harbour and Escort Tug) with capacity up to 350 tons direct pull, combined and waterfall type winches. They are designed according to customer requirements, in dimension, pull and configuration. Custom built machinery Strong, precise and trustworthy machines which are easy to manoeuvre. Our range of products for the towing sector (TUG) is used for both Harbour and Escort tugs. At IBERCISA we design our products in close collaboration with our clients, according to their needs both in size and pull and positioning on board. Companies...

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SUPER AHTS WINCH PM Electric motors driven winch Ibercisa finished the design and manufacture of two towing winches AHT type model MR-E/930/2/2500-89 installed on AHTS vessels for Heerema Marine Contractors (Vessels: Bylgia and Kolga). The electrically driven machine has two waterfall drums, each with a capacity for 2,500 m of 89 mm diam. cable. The electric motors are permanent magnets type with elevated torque and low revolutions. Giving 350 tons at 10 m/min at first drum, with the same pull, speed increases up to 50 m/min when the paying out is against the dynamic

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Mooring Winch Vessel: Lay Vessel North Ocean 105 Owner: McDermott Hydraulic Towing Winch Vessel: Nene Hatun Owner: Coastal Safety Country: Turkey Waterfall Type Towing Winch Ibercisa specializes in the manufacture of large machinery that can be seen on the offshore fleet and AHTS with large but compact Electrical Drive Electrical drive on machinery destined for this fleet permits quite significant cost savings, makes a vessel more efficient and is more easily manoeuvred. IBERCISA submits all parts to finite element calculation at the design stage. This powerful tool helps optimize design...

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Ibercisa originated in the fishing sector. In 1969 it began its activities manufacturing power blocks for purse seining and thanks to the quality of its products and the improvement in fishing operations it began to increase its market share in the segment of big trawlers and pelagic vessels. Since then, the company has diversified both in markets and products. Today, one of the great technological advances has been electrical drive for deck machinery which has enabled the Company to leap into the most demanding international markets. Electric Sweepline Winches Owner: Andenesfisk Country:...

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Vessels. "Ram6n Margalef" and "Angeles Alvarin Country. Spain oceanographic research vessels comprising of a double net drum trawling winches with a pull of 12 machinery comprises two electrical winches with 4,000 m capacity Ibercisa has provided these research vessels all over the world IBERCISA supplied oceanographic winches to NARL (National Applied Research Laboratories) from Taiwan for their new Oceanographic "Research V". The main equipment supplied was designed to load 8.500 m of 038.1 mm cable. It is made up of a constant tension tractor winch, with a pull of 15 tons and a maximum...

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Oceanographic winches are provided with a spooling device driven both mechanically from the drum or electrical moto-reducer. Nowadays oceanographic boats have better technology on board, not only from an electronic point of view but also the deck machinery requires the most demanding type of anti-vibration methods and noise reduction. Machines have also to be flexible, portable and easily adapted Ibercisa offers extremely precise equipment for this sector and special attention is paid to the care of electro-mechanical cables. The boat is equipped with complete systems including the...

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Today a greater part of international commerce is handled by merchant vessels; large vessels which need poweful naval machinery on board which is also secure and reliable. This segment of the fleet is stable and requires machinery which is easy to handle and which can be maintained in any port or even at sea. Owner. Navinorte Country. Spain Vessel. Amuesa & Angon Equipment: Combined anchor and mooring windlass & Mooring winch Owner. Naveiro Transportes Maritimos Country. Portugal Vessels: Portalegre; Silves; Bragan?a; Penafiel; Chaves Equipment: Combined anchor and mooring windlass & Mooring

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Mooring winch 2x220 m 096 mm rope Hydraulic combined anchor and mooring windlass 044 mm Hydraulic combined anchor and mooring windlass 046 mm Owner: CHOUEST Ibercisa manufactures machinery which is highly resistant. The Company has an LRQA approved quality control system both internal and independent offering full guarantees to our customers in terms of testing, adaptation to new technologies and market requirements. Hydraulic Combined Anchor and Mooring WINDLASS 046 mm For the Merchant vessel sector, Ibercisa offers electric and hydraulic anchor winches for chain diameter of 20 to 120 mm,...

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